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Urban Beliefs
By: Anonymous Story Submission

1) The Shears Bridge story…Last time our parents always tell us not to go out too late or alone…. if not will get kidnap and kena cut off the head to bury under the bridge…From what i heard was that for the bridge to be built successfully, little kids’ heads had to be buried under the bridge…

2) when a person died wearing a red clothing they come back as violent ghost looking for revenge…

3) pointing a finger at the moon – else the moon goddess will cut off our tongue.

4) shinning light into the canopy of trees at night – you dun want to see what up there…

3) whistling at night – those “things” are attracted to the whistling sound.

4) taking a photo of somebody sleeping – it was said that the soul of the person sleeping will be captured and trapped in the photo.

5) changing the appearance of the person sleeping ( e.g. drawing things on his face etc) – the soul of the person sleeping will not recognizes his body and thus not return to his body.

6) taking a photo of yourself with your car – it was said that if your “time” is up and you have not reported, u might be spotted and taken away immediately.

7) what about the one which was to slice off the skin of a red apple with a knife and staring into the mirror while doing it in the dark at 12mn. you are supposed to see your future husband/wife…

8) You also shouldn’t sleep parallel to the door of the room. (Coffin thingy) Plus, ur bed must lean onto the wall. (Stability to ur life, plus better sleep)

9) cover the criminal with a black bag n lead him up the hanging platform loot…..
then when they pull a lever…..the platform will open a trapdoor loor…..because the prisoner is standing over that trapdoor with the rope over his neck then he will get hang loor…….

the black bag was said to cover the face so no need to see the prisoner face when he died loor…….

urban legend way of saying is tat the black bag will let the prisoner unable to recognizes anyone at the hanging scene so his spirit wont come back loor

becos of the gruesome death….sometimes even the most notorious criminal may juz get chicken feet at his moment of death…….some even pee n start crying they regret this repent that……

10)pointing a finger at the moon – else the moon goddess will cut off our tongue.

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