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Unexplained Incident At Camp
By: Anonymous Story Submission

This is a real story.

I woke up to a nightmare of me being in a toilet I had never seen before. I was facing the slightly ajar door when a hand(I forgot how it looks like already) creep out and hung itself at the corner. What happens next I forgot but I woke up to go to school to meet my council and go to a camp.

When we arrived at the supposedly camp site, we played some stupid games then got sorted into our rooms.

A little information about the room arrangement
Let me explain the place where we were supposed to live in. It’s a resort-like place near Buona Vista surrounded by trees. Our councilors were spread out into 5 rooms. 2 small rooms which accommodate 5 people and 3 big rooms which accommodate 7 people. The boys stayed at the first floor they stayed at the corner room, which is one of the big room and 2 other small rooms right in front of it, perpendicular to the big room. And the girls stayed in the big rooms that are located at the corner of the 2nd and 3rd floor.

The big rooms had 7 card keys, 1 each for the 7 of us that stayed there.


Information about the room itself
The big rooms each have a theme to them. The first floor is a dark age theme. Little stickmans and cave were drawn on the walls. The second floor is jungle theme. Trees and more trees were painted. The third floor is marine theme. Seagulls and the sea are painted on the walls. I stay at the jungle room along with 6 other girls.

The arrow indicates the entrance. The card key slot for electricity is beside the entrance. Toilets have no windows. The raised platform is hollow and about half a meter off the ground.

That night, we were given 1 hour break to shower and have dinner before having to assemble. I went back to the room with one of my friends(G1) for a shower and as we were leaving, the other 5(G2, G3, G4, G5, G6) came back.

Then after the activities and whatnot, we gathered back in our room dragging one of the girls(G7) from the other room to our room to sleep. So we had 8 girls in our room.

We sat in a circle talking about our day’s experience and such. Two of the 5 girls, G2 and G3 started to relate something that could have triggered off the happenings later on…

Incident 1
We were told that, after G1 and I left the room and the 5 girls enter, 3 of the girls showered and left the room just before G2 and G3 went to shower. G2 told the other 3 girls that if they ever came back into the room, knock on their toilet doors to indicate that it’s them. By that time, it was already around 8.

With that, G2 and G3 went to each individual toilet. Halfway into their showers, G2 heard a knock on her toilet door and she continued her shower without bothering. Few minutes after that, everything blacked out followed by the scream of G3 in the other toilet. G2 quickly warped a towel around her body and opened the toilet door and went to the next toilet to knock on it for G3. G3 opened the door sobbing. As it was totally dark, they could do nothing but grope around in the dark. By this time, G2 already noticed that the card key slot was blinking red light indicating that the card key was taken out of it.

So along with G3, G2 groped around and searched for the card key. They went to the vanity table and found 3 card keys there. 1 belonged to me, which I left in the slot because I didn’t have pockets and the other 2 belonged to them. Without thinking G3 grabbed 1 of the card keys and put it into the slot and electricity came back immediately. Then they continued with their shower, this time sharing a toilet as there was a screen between the sink and toilet bowl and the shower.

Hearing this, we proceed to check our keys if they were the correct keys or not. To see if someone else had left their key in our room. G1 and I went outside the room and tested the card keys one by one… And they were all the keys for the room. Meaning that somehow, the card key got taken out of the slot and placed on the vanity table while G2 and G3 were in the toilet.

Then, G1 related her incident…

Incident 2
As G1 and I were making our way to our room, I realized that I forgotten something so I went to get it, leaving G1 to go back to the room alone.

As soon as she was back in the room, she proceeds to get her things and went into the room for her shower. She went into the toilet directly beside the entrance While she was washing her face, she suddenly felt a strong presence behind her and watching her. She stopped and slowly turned behind but there was nobody there. She shrugged off as her hallucinating and continued. Not long after, she heard a knock on the room door, indicating that I was back and she opened the door for me.

I went to have my shower and when we were leaving, the other 5 girls came back.

Continued to Incident 1.

Then… Things seriously started.

As we were sitting on the raised platform on the side where there were 5 beds, some of us leaned against the wall, including me. Suddenly, from the far right of that stretch of wall I felt a slight vibration as if someone was banging on the wall on the other side. The vibration quickly moved from the right side of the wall to the left where the window was, banging constantly. The thing is, we were in the corner room, meaning that there’s no room behind that stretch of wall.

I sat up straight suddenly. The other girls asked me why and I told them about the vibrating. Nobody but me felt that. So upon hearing that, the rest of the girls leaning on the wall quickly shifted away before continuing on with our gossips…

And a few minutes after, I started hearing whispers, whispers that gave me the chills and also whispers that nobody else can hear. I tried to ignore it, thinking that it was my imagination but “they” seem to be unwilling to go unnoticed because the whispers grew steadily louder and louder. Judging from my abnormal lack of speech and pale face, the girls asked me what happened and I told them about the whispers. The girls tried to talk louder to block out the whispers for me but it didn’t work. By this time, they also felt that something was amiss.

Eventually, I broke out in tears. Never in my life have I been so scared that I broke out in tears. Some girls tried to comfort me while some begun calling the girls from the 3rd floor. No answer, indicating that they were already asleep. So they called the guys. The first few guys they called refused to answer the phone or answered then dismissed it as our own imagination and cut off the phone.

Then finally, a sensible guy answered his phone and got some other guys to find us in our rooms.

By the time the guys reached our room, I’ve already stopped crying because the whispers seemed to cease… And with the guys with us, we felt a little safer but still, we can’t help noticing how the 2 beds from the raised platforms on the other side look like coffin to us. So the guys pulled the beds to our side and placed them there.

Soon, G3 fell asleep. While the rest of us stayed awake and chat. Slowly, G7 started to fall asleep too beside me while I still remained wide-awake. Suddenly, G7 sat up and cried. She refused to tell us what happened but she didn’t want to answer us. Then, she crawled from my side to the other side of the room without the windows and crawled back again after a few minutes.

By this time, the whispers came back again and I heard a loud inhumane scream from outside our window in a little distance away. And that immediately brought me to tears again. After I got calmed down, I felt a vibration identical to the vibration of a handphone near my feet and I jerked them away asking whose handphone was that. But there wasn’t even a single handphone near my feet. So as I talked, tears started to flow again.

Then, G7 finally willed herself to tell us what she saw… She saw a Malay girl with long hair near the window and that was what made her sit up suddenly to cry and moved to the other side. Then the ghost just “flew” from the window side to near the cabinets and then G7 moved back to my side.

Suddenly, G3 who was sleeping woke up crying. She was one of those who won’t even wake up unless you pour hot water on her. Proven as she hit her head with a loud bang on the wall but still, she slept on. She went on her tummy and went brought her knees under her body so she looked a little like a tortoise. We tried to call her but she didn’t answer. G1 went to her and made her sit up straight then brought her into an embrace. But still she cried and cried. G3 was a Christian and her behavior was very strange. There were 3 other Christians in the room so they went to her and one of them(G4) started chanting while placing their hands on her.

G3 then sobbed louder and louder but G4 also went louder. As if trying to drown her out, G3 sobbed even louder then grabbed hold of G1’s arm and bit her, not letting go. After a long time, G3’s sobs started to grow a little softer and she made gagging sounds. Quickly one of the girls got a plastic bag in which G3 vomited into. She continued sobbing for a while before stopping. And she can’t really remember what happened.

By now, all of us were freaked out. Some like me appeared horrified and white faced while some tried to be braver and tried to calm the others down.

G7 told us that the female ghost still stayed at near the cabinets and appeared amused and happy that we were so terrified. And that was the last straw.

After the female ghost seemed to have gone out of the room, 4 guys went out to find the camp in-charge. And returned soon with a lady who told us to pack our things and go downstairs. She wanted to offer us another room actually, but we declined. By this time, it was already around 3AM.

So we went to the guys room downstairs…

In the guys room, I still hear whispers but they were outside. As if they couldn’t go into the room. I heard slight banging on the window. And this time, instead of horrified, I got frustrated and angry.(if you scare me for too long, this will happen) I went to the window and separated part of the binds but I could see nothing but trees.

Still, the whispers continued on outside the window. I grabbed something at random and threw it on the floor saying “I can’t understand what you’re talking about!” angrily.

Then, G1 complained about headache and there was no panadol in the room. So along with G7 and another guy, we went to the next guys’ room and asked for panadol. The rooms were right beside each other and less than 20seconds walk. After getting the panadol, we went back to G1 and gave her the panadol.

By this time, I appeared to be very much breathless, as if I’ve just gone for a long run. I kept panting and panting. Then my friends told me to lay on the bed to rest, which I did. But after a few seconds, I felt a numbing sensation as if something was grabbing my last 2 fingers on both of my hands. I told my friend to hold those fingers but the numb slowly spread to my thumb. I felt a slight numbing pressure on my stomach, which felt like the shape of a hand. My friend laid beside me, still holding my fingers. And we slowly fell asleep.

The next morning, G7 told us that as we went out of the room, the female ghost was outside, staring at us as if angry that we left.

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