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Encounter At OCH
By: Anonymous Story Submission

This incident was happened many years ago on a public holiday that fall on a Sunday in 1998. I was then sleeping tastefully and was suddenly disturbed by a phone call from the ki tong( medium ) of my temple. I was told to rush down to our temple for an urgent session. I knew only later that it was because of a spirit that has possessed on a young lady and a deity dee ya pek( hell deity ) is appointed to take the task. By the time i reached the temple at about 11am, i saw a young lady already sitting inside our temple just beside our ‘yim tua’ altar ( altar setup with hell deities statue ). i walked near to her and hurriedly setup the altar for preparation to invite the deity – dee ya pek. That was my virgin experience coming so close to a human body that is now possess with a spirit inside her. And it was still inside her. My feeling then was very tense. She keep staring at me becos i was just standing beside her. she looked lost but calm and could be wondering what are we trying to do to her. I presume ‘she’ was not a Taoist.

Half an hour later, everything were ready to invite our guest-of-honour mr. dee ya pek. Except that we don’t have a red carpet for him. Well, the dee ya pek came pretty fast and fury even before we finish chanting our jiu ?. This is very unusual. Anyway, just to add, that lady was even enjoying and swinging her arms like those ku tai ?? ancient time dancer performing singing for the emperor while we were playing our chanting (jiu) during the invitation. As i said before, maybe ‘she’ was really not a Taoist and has not seen a dee ya pek before. Or maybe she thought that we are there to invite her for a buffet lunch. We dressed him ( dee ya pek ) up with his robe as usual and make sure he is served with a cup of hot chinese tea before he proceed. A very fiece loud BANG! was the next thing i heard while i was putting back the tea cup next to me. It was dee ya pek whom slammed his palm hard onto his working desk, really very hard and furious (i smell a very strong stench of gun powder). He then pointing one finger into the face of that possessed lady and asked her “what are you trying to do ????????!!!!” very fiercely in hokkien.

I can see that she looked anxious, helpless and was at a shocking stage now. Why did i say this is because she was behaving less concerned before the appearance of dee ya pek. Now, i can read through her impression shown on her face that she indeed seeing something, she must have saw something that we human cannot be seen through our naked eyes now. She must have see the spirit of our deity dee ya pek which is now possessed on our ki tong ( medium ). If you are a Taoist, you should know that dee ya pek is a deity ( hell constable ) with boiling hot temper and is very impatient as far as talking to an irresponsible wandering spirit is concerned. So, dee ya pek is expecting for a lightning speed answer from every single question he is going to throw on her. But, that possessed lady or should i say the spirit was seem to be testing the patience of dee ya pek. She was keeping numb or maybe too shocking to answer that she doesn’t utter a word to his first angryful question. Dee ya pek was furious by now, he was hot, so hot that i think he could simply boil a raw egg on his palm. He gave a stern and firm warning to the possessed lady with a finger pointing right at her face angrily. He said ” You better tell me the truth without delay, if not, i will not hesitate to issue a spell on you and i will make sure you would not be reincarnation ???? anymore!” ( this remarks has been clearly engraved in my mind ) This time, she speak softly to dee ya pek, “????????!” ( ” I was disturbed by them first ” ) Dee ya pek asked again “where is the place happened??” And this time, she keep numb again. Dee ya pek sibey furious liao. Obviously, he lost his cool by now. Before i could read what he wanted, dee ya pek pulled a paper fu out from a stack of paper talisma on his altar with his left arm, drew a blush with his right arm at the speed of lighning, put some strokes of blushes with spell on the paper fu – talisma, asked for fire to be ignited onto the paper fu – talisma, the next thing is…SLAMMED the burning paper fu right on the forehead of the possessed lady! i guess no nonsense is the moto for dee ya pek. And need not for me to comment, he is not a good negotiator. haha

The young lady sitting on the chair knocked out immediately. Motionless like those sleeping beauty in the cartoon. I tell u, i saw smoke came out from her nose the moment the dee ya pek slam the talisman onto her forehead. I sweared! It was really very amazing to see that. On the other hand, i felt very sorry for that spirit. But we have no other choice, spirit and human are like beer and driving, they can’t mix together. Remember the possessed lady knocked out on the chair? Yes, dont forget her, she is the super star of the story. We hurriedly used a cleansed water, spelled it and slammed on her forehead again to wake her up. It was exactly like those we did to the ki tong after a session. She is awake now and she doesn’t know how she came to the temple. She sobbed, looked pale and sleepless. All she knew was that she heard some voices talking to her last night and she could sensed something was following her home after she and a group of friends went for a midnite ‘shopping’ spree at the Old Changi Hospital. ( for the benefit of the foreigner, old changi hospital is an abandon old hospital used during the WWII. It is a haunted place now after it has been swifted the whole operation to another newly built hospital.)

Hey, don’t pay too much attention to the lady super star leh! remember our male super star dee ya pek? He was still sitting on his dragon chair while we were trying to revive the lady. Well, after the lady was brought back to a stable condition, dee ya pek start to question her of the whole incident. wat happened last night was……… a group of young punks suggested to visit the haunted houses in Changi area. Later that morning, they came to this very scary place called Old Changi Hospital. They decided to explore the place since their motive that night was to see ghost ??! These group of kids obviously doesn’t know the height of sky, thickness of the ground started to walk into the hospital through the old and unlocked corridor. The sky was dark but they could still managed to find their way through with the help of the full moon that morning. However, the further they walk in and the longer they spend inside the eerie hospital, the feeling and atmosphere then was getting more tense and scary. Suddenly, one of a girl in the group suggested to leave the place as soon as possible because she started to hear voices talking to her. She heard a woman voice complaining that they are very noisy. WWhammm! The rest of the girls there got more tense and excited after they heard what she claims she heard. One after another siao cha boh started to scream and run around for the exit like a group of mad dogs inside the building. Well, no one could take this kind of disturbance from tranpasser even for the spirits. Unfortunately, the super star of our story lost one of her shoe while dashing out of the building. The atmosphere then was so tensed that losing a shoe is less important to her now. Eventually, she also threw away her another left over shoe while she was outside the building since it was useless for now because she was going up to a friend’s car heading for her home.

They didn’t suspect anything unusual after the trip since everyone were still up and walking in one piece. Little did they know that someone in the group has been targeted by a spirit and is now following her home since her luck was not as good at this point of moment. Walking with bare footed, she walked into the lift. She heard strange voices talking to her but tireness has over power her fear. She didn’t bother much and continue to walk straight to her bed after closing the main door behind her. Nothing was more important than a sweet drooling dream for her now. It was only in the next morning, which was a Sunday morning that changed her from an ordinary person to an extra ordinary woman. Her elder sister spotted her with a face that doesn’t look like her. Meaning, she was not herself and she was possessed! Her elder sister whom is a friend of my temple ki tong, quickly rang up for him and asked him to go over to her home to check on her sister right away. Just when the ki tong was at the foot of the lift landing outside her home, her possessed sister says this to her ” ???????” ( ” Are you getting someone here for me?” ) She said this even before she saw the ki tong, she said this because the spirit could sense that someone who has super natural power is coming after her, is closing to her. Just when her elder sister was about to dash out of the home for fear, my temple ki tong appeared in front of her like a hero for now. The ki tong has a pair of yin yang eyes ??? as such, he was sure that a lady spirit is now possessing on her sister’s body. Not to give any chances to the spirit, my ki tong quickly locked her wrist to avoid the spirit from escaping from the body and pulled her straight to our temple for justics. ( a fresh spirit can escape from punishment by getting out of the victim body thus we are taught by our deity a way to lock the spirit from running away )

Now, come back to our temple. We were told to re-visit the hospital to recover her lost shoes. That is important as far as dee ya pek is concerned because part of her soul is now trapped inside the building. It have to be retrieved soon. If not, her life will be threatened. Part of the reason for her lost soul was because of her personal belonging still left behind in the building. She have to go with us because it is impossible to find her shoe without knowing the path they went through last night. So, to prevent the spirit from possessing back onto her body again since she is weaker now and dee ya pek would not be going with us, dee ya pek gave her a gold chain with spelled that could temporary fence off any evil spirit that might eyeing on her. U know what, the simple gold chain looked light in weight but was like very heavy for her because her body was extremely weak with her incomplete soul now . We were told to leave the hospital before sunset and must re-invite dee ya pek to our temple to report our discovery soon after.

We went there in a group of about 7 person in 2 cars. Upon arriving the scene, the super star spotted the lady spirit standing inside the building staring at her from a distance. Base on what the super star description of her was, she was wearing all red. Yes, all red and look fiece! We walked into the building, going through the path she been this morning slowly to look out for her shoe. She tried hard to figure out the exact path because it was too dark to see where she was heading last night. All i know was we went through rooms of hospital ward, We saw beer bottles on the ground, old newspaper and even tissue and condom. Spirit dont use condom lah, so must be some poor chaps performing live for the wandered spirits for FREE lah. Well, we walked through a place seem like a montuary and many other. The most weird thing when we were there was, even the weather outside seems to be hot and the sky was sunny at the time of 3pm, the wind that blew on us was cooling. can u imaging the extend of ‘dirty’ the place was??

Anyway, we couldn’t find any shoe inside the building except the one she left outside in the carpark. Nothing we can do by now because the sky is getting darker and we have to leave the place for the safety of the super star. We quickly went back to the temple and re-invite our dee ya pek to seek for his further instruction. According to dee ya pek, a small percentage of the super star soul is still trapped inside the building. It is very critical and it can be retrieved only from there since the other lost shoe cannot be found. Therefore, getting back a shoe was not good enough to recover her lost soul. And it cannot be delayed. So, the final decision now was to go back to the scene again and perform a session to recover back her soul from the building. hmmm…very interesting!

We scheduled to move out from temple by 8pm, setup the altar there by 9pm, and re-invite mr. dee ya pek by 10pm. Tonight the sky was very dark, no star and no moon can be seen. Maybe the heaven is off on sunday or maybe the heaven is ‘mo nun tai’ ??? (cantonese). Anyway, we decided to settle down on an opened area, the area seem to look like an ex-pick-up point to me. We decided to position the altar infront of a medium height tall building, guessed it should be the main entrance to the hospital then. We could only made use of our vehicles head-lights to brighten up the area for us to do the setting up of the altar temporarily. Small laughter from the teasers were heard among helpers. The place was extremely dark and quiet. Dark and quiet are match best to the spirits to stay inside the building. A few of our temple’s helpers’ has a pair of ???, they could see spirits once awhile. and what they saw inside the building that night while we were setting up the altar was plenty of wandering spirits sticking their head out of the building window on each of every floor to check and see what are we up to. They might be wondering whether are we from a catering company and were there to setup a cocktail dinner for them. haha

Our altar is now set and is ready to invite our guest-of-honour and this time, lian hua san tai zhi ? ??? is also coming. As usual, we sang the jiu and invite the deities. the spirits above inside the building dispersed like a thin smoke in the air just when dee ya pek possessed onto our ki tong. Maybe they saw something we don’t. After the arrival of lian hua, we were instructed to walk into the building one by one closed to each other with dee ya pek and the super star and her parents in-front, san tai zi covered the rear. We walked slowly step by step with only 3 small torch lights among 18 persons. i don’t feel as eerie as i felt during the day, i felt the temperature now was rather warmer than during the day. It could be because the spirits has since run away for now with the help of 2 deities appearance.

We finally stopped at a foot of a staircase landing. The lost soul of the super star was spotted there. Her father was instructed to knee on the floor with joss sticks on hand and plead the spirits for mercy to forgive his daughter. He was instructed to say ” my daughter is young and she is ignorance, pls forgive her for what she had done”. Loudly and sincerely. I think that was the moment she feel Fatherly love. After which, her father were told to call out her daughter’s name and asked the soul of her daughter to follow him home. It was like ” jing jing, come, follow daddy go home”. Keep repeating the same sentense from the staircase we spotted the soul all the way out to the altar outside the building. While outside the building, dee ya pek took over the urn with joss sticks from her father, spelled it, burned a paper fu onto a cup of plain water and instruct the super star to drink it. I tell u, after she finished drinking it, she look more lively and she does not look as sick as before. Remember the gold chain on her neck? she was complaining that it was heavy but was now forgotten about it because she felt stronger now. We burned some incense papers to the wandering spirits to act as a respect to them and hurriedly left the place with a mission accompliced.

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