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Toa Payoh Blk 38
By: Anonymous Story Submission

Ever heard about Blk 38 Toa Payoh 11th storey many years back like around 1984 or 1985? There was a suicide case and it was on papers too. Goes something like this…

A family of 4 commited suicide (father, mother, 2 children age 7 and 9). Before they committed suicide they set up a table with their family pics and joss papers,sticks etc..No one found out about the whole family were dead untill the smell of dead bodies were discovered by their neighbours.My auntie was staying on that particular block. Everynight, they would heard the 2 children playing along the corridor and was heard by the whole flat not only on that floor and it spooked the entire block.

Then the most scary part I heard was if you phone the house. The two small kids would answer your call and if you ask for papa they will say that he is not in(was reported in newspaper) Later on, although Telecom ceased their line, if you call that number the 2 kids will still answer your call. Don’t ask me what number because I was only 5 then..

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