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Third Eye At Senawang
By: Anonymous Story Submission

Peace Be Upon You! This is a story of a person who encounters a ghost in Malaysia, located in Senawang Highway. It?s based on the person real life fact encounters with it. Note: It may be true & it might not be true from my opinion! Only God knows it.

It was about 4.30pm; our convoy was making its way down, back to Singapore, from Malaysia. I was in our car with my mother and brother. My brother was driving at the time when the car?s engine started heating up abnormally, and had to be pulled over to the road.

Our friends in the other cars had to proceed on, for their children had to go to school early the next morning. So, there we were, the three of us – stranded somewhere in Senawang Highway.

While waiting for the car to cool down, some of the locals – looking to make a quick buck ? would stop and try to help us. Of course, there was nothing they could do – for ours, was a continental car; only our mechanic would know what to do. I called our mechanic in Singapore and told him of our predicament ? he said he could only make it there not earlier than 1 am later pass midnight. If not for our old and sick mother, we would have walked some two kilometers to the guesthouse we saw earlier – we remained where we were. The day was slowly dusking and we were cold, tired, hungry and bursting to go to the toilet. At this time, there was hardly anyone driving by; we were totally alone.

My brother, feeling restless, decided to go out for a smoke. He sat on the railing by the road; behind him, was a drain, and further back – trees and thick shrub. Feeling cold, and a full bladder, I had to relieve myself urgently. My brother said it wasn?t a good idea to go into the bush, so I opened the car doors and I squatted between them while my brother kept vigil. While I was relieving myself, I saw at the distant trees ? on a perch, engulfed by the increasing darkness, were three human figures. I stared harder and saw that they were girls – pretty young girls.
?What were they? Why were they there in an odd, birdlike, posture? I thought. Then, one of the girls went close to my brother?s ear and whispered something. My brother, startled, jumped off the railing and ran towards the car. At this point I too jumped up. The girls pointed at me and squealed a laughter so chilling that drove me near insanity. I don?t know what came over me; I became hysterical and started laughing uncontrollably ? that made the girls really mad.

My brother pushed me into the car, wound the windows, slammed and locked the doors. We thought that was it, but?when I turned around, there she was ? right outside my window, staring with wide elongated eyes; no more pretty; In fact, ugly as hell ? looking really mad and definitely malevolent. I was so scared, if I hadn?t relieved myself just now, I would surely had wet myself an ocean. I yelled uncontrollably and my brother took out the Quran and started reading some verses ? she disappeared; everything became quiet, but not for long. I heard knocking on the window; I asked my mom if she was doing it ? she denied. My brother said that it was her, the spirit. At this point, even my mom could sense something; but she couldn?t see them for she is unable to see spirits. I saw two of the girls outside, but not the third. My brother kept on reading the Quran verses.

Soon, we saw bright lights coming our way ? it was a tow truck, sent by our Singapore mechanic. He was worried for us and called a towing company from Senawang to tow our car to Malacca where we would stay a night and be picked up the next day. It was around 8.40 pm then.

My mom and I sat in our car while by brother sat in the tow truck with the driver. I was seated at the driver?s seat and my mom, at the back. We thought all was well until I heard someone breathing by my ear. As I turned , to my horror, she was right beside! She was pretty on one side of her face but on the other side – she was rotting; the sight was so horrendous that I felt my stomach churn violently, pushing acid up my gullet. I let out a horrible scream and pleaded with her to leave us alone. She yelled back at me, asking me to apologize for laughing at them ? I apologized more than willingly and she was gone.

She looked so frighteningly horrible. She was in a long white gown with long hair and sunken eyes. Her head, bleeding profusely ? she was in a horrendous state. I feel really sorry for her and her friends.

In the tow truck, the driver said to my brother that the place where we were stranded was a very haunted area. There had been many accidents there ? one after another. Our car, being the state it was could also have been the doing of the angry spirits stranded there.

The girls were just few of the spirits that had been trapped on this earth. They died in accidents and have not been able to free themselves ? reasons unknown.

My brother and I are gifted with a unique sixth sense ? we are able to see spirits. I realized my special talent when I was at the tender age of 11 ? I used to see an old woman at a nearby playground in my neighborhood. She would always just sit at the bench and not talk or look at anyone. I became curious and asked my friends about her. Obviously, my friends were puzzled. That?s when I realized that I was the only one who could see ? spirits.

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