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The Sightings Of Bigfoot
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Mdm Tan Hong Qiao (72) – currently residing in Mersing.

When I was about 10+ years old, I stayed at a place near to Endau Rompin Forest, called Kangar.
At that time there was a lot of talk about “mountain people”. There was also a “mountain people” that use to come to the fringe of the forest.
She even saw him once.

At that time she and her mother and two sissters were in the forest . She was rocking her little sister to sleep in a hammock. Suddenly they heard branches breaking. Her mother told her that the “mountain people” was coming. She looked towards the source of the sound, and saw a 3 – 4 m tall “man walking slowly about 17 – 18 m away. Sawing such a big man, she was very much afraid.

She does not remember how this man look like, but she feel the man was covered with brown hair and look old. He did not escape when he saw the family.

According to Mdm Tan, they are not the only family that saw this creature, but also their neighbours claimed they saw him also. They called him mountain people, as he said in the mountain jungle,
which is full of elephants and tigers. This mountain people is not afraid of wild beasts, and like to eat fruits. He also know how to put his hand to the river to catch fish

She also heard that there was a mountain boy being kept in Kuantan hospital at that time when she was 28 years ago. It was rumoured that the boy was full of hair when he was first hospitalized, but later after eating salty food, all his hair dropped. Another version is all his hair are being trimmed off. This boy has a large face, small nostrils, small round eyes (like a monkey) high protuding forehead and a muscular body.

The hospital did not restrict the movement of this boy, and later on, the whereabouts of this boy became unknown

Teo Han (79) – dentist – previously residing at Mersing

After reading the request for photos of the bigfoot in the newspapers, Teo contacted the Johor Wild Life Protection Society (JWPS) Wee Poh Chin.

Lee interviewed him in May 2006. This is his story.

Teo used to hunt wild boar in the forest around Mersing. About 30 years ago, he and his wife went to Sungai Lenggor to hunt. They went to the logging track deep into the forest, and there there sw a pair of bigfoot prints on the track. The footprints was fresh, length 42.5 cm, breath 20 cm, broad front and tapering towards the end. The depth of the footprint was about 3.7 cm. He was able to tell it was not a bear print.

A wildlife ranger told him that there is a tin mine further ahead, and around there stayed a kind of bigfoot that look like human, in fact a family of two bigfoot. The ranger asked him not to disturb the family.

Teo also heard weird noises from the tin mine. From his years of hunting experience, he does not think they belong to normal animals.

Even though the bigfoot sighting is already 30 years, he still remember it.

Liu Chew Lim (70) – Chinese Medicine Shop Owner

In 1942, Liu and his family were having a hard life under the Japanese Occupation. At that time he was only 4 – 5 years old.
At that time his father was riding a bicycle ferrying him around. At about 100 metres in a rubber plantation, he saw a fiery red creature, slightly taller than a man.

His father told him it was a mountain man, and that everyone knows there was a mountain man there. There was a pineapple and watermelon plantation where the mountain man used to appear.

Till now, old Liu still remember well the time when he saw the fiery red man.

02 Jan `08, 6:17PM

Rosli (43) – residing near Sungai Patani (Kedah).

About 10 years ago, he was working in the jungle at a river 60 km from Sungai Patani when he smelt a pungent ape like smell. On looking back, he swa a 3.6 – 3.8 m tall reddish brown furry creature.

He said this creature is ugly, with a high sloping forehead, and walk with both hands swinging. The skin is rough. When the creature left, Rosli went to look at the footprints. It was about 30 cm in length, and most interestingly, its feet was inverted, that ie its toes were behind, and when it walked, it appear to be walking backwards. If you follow the footprints, you would be fooled by the tracks.

According to Rosli, he said that the villagers observed that this creature staying at a height of 1862 metres, at a temp of 18 degrees celcius in the Bintang Hills. There were about 4 colonies who lived separately. Their body size was several times bigger than man, but they behave like man. They have not heard of this creature attacking man, and believe they are vegetarians. The villagers also believe that if you go to the forest there, one must not smoke, for the creature can trace and follow the smell.

Rosli said the last time anyone saw a big footprints in the Bintang Hills was in Sep 2005

Kang Kim Chye (construction worker)

Kang formerly work as a logger before becoming a construction worker.

In March 7 2006 he have an encounter with Bigfoot. He used to wander alone in the forest due to the coolness and quietness. On that day in the afternoon around 4 – 5 pm, he wask walking in the area around Kampong Temenling when he heard some rustling of leaves at a slope in front. Thinking that it was an elephant, he hide behind a big stone. Then he saw a black hairy giant coming out of the forest behind the slope.

It walked with a slight hunch, like an old man. The head was full of black hair. The giant went to sit on a fallen tree branch, using his two big hands to rub his face. The two big hands were as big as his Kang’s thighs.

The giant was at about 30 metres away from him, he had bushy eyebrows, and long pointed teeth . Sorry Kang took out his mobile phone to take a snapshot.

Suddenly his mobile rang. It was from the news media asking him about Bigfoot. (At that time Kang was frequently in the news as he have started to bring people to look for bigfoot prints in the forest for a fee. His guest list including Johor government officials and Joshua Gates, from Sci-Fi. These fees compensate him for not going back to work as a construction worker).

That phone ring alerted the giant. He stood up, glanced at Kang and then ran away. Dejected, Kang went to the fallen tree branch. Using a nearby tree as a gauge, the giant almost reach the height of one branch of the tree. Kang himself was 1.83 m, and he only reach half of the branch height. So he estimated the giant to be around 3.8 metres tall. Kang thinks that the giant will have came from the waterfall behind the slope.

The giant walked like a man, there were toes in the footprint, the middle toe was about 5 cm long. As it was too far, he could not see the face clearly, but it look like King Kong.

Later, when shown the picture of the old bigfoot given by Tay (the hoax photo), Kang was a bit emotional, and wanted to keep the photo. The Bigfoot photo looks like the one he seen, and the one photo that he almost capture.

Sightings from the natives

Ah Long – Kampung Punjut

In 2005 Nov 3 night, Ah Long and a few friends went to Sungai Lenggor and built two wooden huts there to rest after cutting rattan.
An Long and a friend was sleeping in one hut and 3 other people were sleeping in another hut.

Suddenly around midnight, A Long felt that his hut was being shaken by a big hand. Ah Long was afraid, he light up a small lamp, but dared not moved around.

The shaking continued into the morning hours until dawn. The same thing also happen to the other hut. They went looking for ratten later. Suddenly at a tree near a river,they saw a furry back of a big creature, leaning against the tree and rubbing its back.

Ah Long was standing at 9 metres away at that time. From the height of the tree, Ah Long estimated that the creature is about 3.3 metres tall, and the back is covered with brown hair, which covered the muscles.. It was rubbing against the 20 cm thick tree and giving out a hor hor sound, just like a man rough voice.

Ah Long said he smelt a pungent smell from the creature, which reminds him of blood, and so he became afraid and started to run away.

His tribe (the Jakun tribe) believe that this creature is a Hantu Jarang gigi, and only very special and lucky people can see this kind of creature.

When the reporter asked Ah Long if he ever watch King Kong kind of movie, he said yes. When asked if the creature looked like King Kong, he also said yes.

Later the reporter visited the site of Ah Long hut. Thre he saw a big footprint about 50 cm long and 23 cm wide. This is the first time the reporter saw bigfoot prints.

Ah Long also described an incident in which he believed two little girls were lost in the forest for a week. Later the girls were found unharmed in a logging track and looking well fed and well.
Ah Long believed the girls must have met a Hantu who make a nest for the girls to sleep in the forest and also fed the girls with fruits. Otherwise, how can the 2 little girls who does not know the forest well,
can survive and keep well for 1 week? It is unfortunate that the reporter could not meet up with the 2 girls to verify Ah Long’s claim.

Amir (31) – Kampung Punjut

Amir is known as the Elephant, as he is very strog. Sometime In Aug 2005 on a morning around 11 am, Amir was out in Sungai Madek in Kahang forest catching frogs.

Suddenly he saw a 3.6 m tall creature at a tree near the river, about 9 m away from where Amir is. The creature is covered with brown hair, covering the muscles. The body was slightly sloping towards one side, and it was holding both hands at a waist, in a sort of relaxing posture.

Amir said that the creature face look like a human, with thick eyebrows. It has a high forehead, broad chest about 1.2 metres, like a weight lifter. Its has muscular arms, like Amir’s thighs, the arms hang down reaching the knees. Amir said that the creature has red eyes and keep staring at Amir. It has a 30 cm big mouth, with a two rows of white teeth. All the teeth was as thick as 2 or 3 human fingers. It look very fierce.

Amir said they stared at each other for 15 minutes, later the creature give out a kind of growing man like voice, which made Amir afraid and so he run away.

Amir did not talk about this story for fear of being ridiculed. But later when the Johor Park people came to investigate, he then told his encounter.

Alan (57) – village chief

According to the natives, there is a creature called Hantu Sejarang Gigi living in the forest. The reason they are called this is because their teeth is like a saw, and shaped like a triangle.

When they are closed together, they fitted together nicely. Each teeth thickness is about 2 human fingers. Alan believed there are 2 types of Hantu Sejarang Gigi, one is a big tall one, and

the other is much smaller in size called Payou Ghost, which used to catch fish and turtles in the river. It like to tear open the turtle from the shell and drink the blood

Alan said that for the past 10 years, there are about 4 – 5 occasions he heard people say they saw the Hantu, although he has not seen one himself. Twice in 2005, by Ah Long and Amir, and the rest of the sightings many years ago.

Alan said that the Hantu does not eat people, they use their big arms to tear eown braches, and feed on leaves. They also eat fish and turtles. [b]
02 Jan `08, 6:24PM

Wei Poh Chin –

Wei is the face behind JWPS, whereas Kang is behind the scenes. Wei owns a watch shop in a shopping complex in Johor Bahru. In the 70’s Wei owned a watch shop in Northern Malaysia, it is from there that he first heard of BigFoot. For the past 30 years, Wei and a group of friends (total 5 of them) became some sort of Bigfoot hunters, they used to go the forest to look for bigfoot..

This group of bigfoot hunters know the forest well – they are all now in their 60’s. Some of them were former communists while some were previous forest rangers. Although Wei now stay in Johor while his friends still stay in Northern Malaysia, he would sometimes meet them in Northern malaysia. Wei said his friends did not yearn for fame or fortune, even though a succesfully taken bigfoot photo would make them famous.

In 2004, Wei set up the Johor Wildlife Protection Society, whose main mission is to protect wildlife.

In 2006 Feb 18, The Johor Wildlife Protection Society gave a press conference. In that conference, they first publish the photos taken by Kang Wei Ping. They also said that there were 40 Bigfoot living in the Johor forest, and there is one dying 63 year Old Bigfoot.

At that time, this information elicted a response of the Johor prince The Tengku felt that the bigfoot could be

The Tengku then had hold a press conference to inform that his grandfather had kept 40 orangutans, some of which were given away to Zoo while some where released to the jungles.

These orang utans released know how to walk on 2 legs!

Wee said that many people have confused these bipedal walking orangutans with bigfoot.

They have seen these bipedal orangutans many times in the jungle. Some people just called them MAWAS. It is when they were tracking these bipedal orangutans that they met the real BIGFOOT.

Wei revealed that besides Kang’s photos, he also received 3 sets of photos, totalling more than 10 pictures.

Among them, 4 photos were given by a Mr Yap in Jan 2006 during a temple procession in Johor Bahru. Yap passed the 4 pictures to JWPS consultant Hassim Yusof. Yap is about 70 years old and came from Mersing. Yap is one of his Bigfoot hunter club member, and they have met twice before.

Wei did not have the full information of all these photos. But Yap ascertain that these pictures were real and taken at the Johor forest, so Wei took his words and kept them in a safe.

Later on, Wei show the photos to the reporter.These photos were close up photos of Bigfoot purported to be captured on camera by Tay. These photos were later shown to some government officials and even the Sultan.

One photo was the picture of the Old Bigfoot, squatting on a the floor. The other 2 photos was that of a Female Bigfoot showing bloodshot eyes and nipples (These are the now infamous hoax photos)

According to Wei Poh Chin, he has seen Bigfoot several times. Taking photos of them is like taking photos of friends, how can they be fakes?

Wei said that everytime they go into the forest to look for bigfoot, they always make notes on the Bigfoot appearance, such as their outer appearance, how their walk, their facial expression etc, and they could recognise each and every Bigfoot.

Wei said that he met the old Bigfoot at least 4 times, including those times in the Northern Malaysian forest. There were 17 Bigfoot that migrate south, and 14 came to the Johor forest. One of them died on the way south, and one of the Bigfoot has white hair and is old. This old Bigfoot never attack human, and if he meet any human, he will just quietly go to one side to avoid them.

17 years ago, Wei met up with this Old Bigfoot in Lukut in Kota Tinggi. For so many years, this Bigfoot did not change much in appearance. Although at that itme in Northern Malaysia, this Bigfoot was in its prime, now most of its hair has dropped. They have taken his footprints, it has a length of 39 cm and breath of 24 cm.

Wei said that the old Bigfoot resemble closely the photos Tay show of the old Bigfoot, that is why he did not doubt the authenticity of the photos.
02 Jan `08, 6:25PM

Bigfoot habits

Wei said that his friends ever seen a Female Bigfoot with a swollen stomach (pregnant). She went into a cave and never came out. There was a Bigfoot guarding the cave. After some time, the Female Bigfoot was seen again, bringing along a baby bigfoot.

Bigfoot would break tree branches to form a nest for the baby bigfoot to sleep. They prefer to build the nests on flat ground with a nice horizon view. Adult Bigfoot did not sleep in the nest, but keep watch over the baby bigfoot, to prevent wild boars and other animals from attacking the baby bigfoot.

Wei’s friends also ever saw Bigfoot hunting a wild boar. He would chase the wild boar round and round, and then suddenly spring at the opposite direction to catch the bigfoot. Due to their large size, they need to eat 15 kgs of food everyday.

Also they catch fish by stirring the river using their hand, and then catching the fish from the opposite direction.

Bigfoot eat the wildboar and the fish raw. They did not use fire.

As for their faeces, it is human like and sometimes it is hard and big. But sometimes they have watery stools, just like humans.

Bigfoot knows how to interpret changes in the forest conditions. If there is some kind of human activity or tracks, they would avoid those areas.

Wei said that nowadays, he and his friends still go to the forest to visit the Bigfoot, they used to see the same old few Bigfoot, 5 of them have black hair. 2 of them are Big and Tall, and they are getting old, and seems like having no offspring..

3 years ago, Wei and 2 of his friends from Wa Ling ever went into the forest to look for Bigfoot. Wa Ling forest has 3 places where the Bigfoot would appear. As for the Johor forest, there are 2 or 3 places where the Bigfoot would appear.

Both Wei and Johor Vincent Chow believe that there are 3 types of Bigfoot in the Johor jungle. 2 types are bigger in size, reaching height of 3.6 metres. One type has brown hair while another type has black hair. They have inverted feet with the toes pointing backwards. However Kang Wei Ping felt that the Bigfoot did not have inverted feet, it is just that when a Bigfoot sees human, it would backstep first before escaping into the jungle. In reality, they walk like man.

Another type of Bigfoot is smaller in size with brown hair but more fierce. They have similar height with humans and like to eat durians and bananas.

Those in Wa Ling belong to the Big type of Bigfoot with brown hair. Those seen in Lukut also belong to the Big type.
02 Jan `08, 6:26PM

Sean Ang, Vincent Chow, Johor Hominid Website and The Hoax Photos

The reporter started to show the photos around. His colleagues who are photographers did not think that the photos are real. The photos lack a background, it is inconceivable that the bigfoot would let people freely take protraits like that.

Another author of a book also smiled at the reporter and asked him not to say the photos are real, just publish the photos and the reports and let the readers be the judge.

However the reporter has faith in these photos as they came from JWPS, and together with their related Bigfoot experiences, he trusted this source.

Also the anthropologist Sean Ang and VIncent Chow also believed these photos are real. Together, they decided to jointly publish a website Johorhominid.org together.

Sean believed that the photos were taken from a good camera, and although it can be faked, it is very difficult to fake these pictures.

It was alrready Jun 10 at that time, everyone has heard about the photos. The book was also nearly ready. 17 chapters have been written. The reporter thinks that by Jul 28 2006, the first draft would be ready and he would pass them to Wei Poh CHin for his comments before taking them to the publisher.

He would also ask Wei for more information on the photographer, where he photograph the Bigfoot and any film negatives or evidence to authenticate the photos.

At the same time Sean Ang and Vincent Chow started a discussion forum on their Johor Hominid Website and got very good response worldwide. Chow make a picture of the old bigfoot photo, but he purposely make the hair become more messy. Ang draw a picture of the hand of the old bigfoot from the photos. In the website, these photos were said to be real photos.

Vincent Chow wanted to know more about these photos, but the reporter has no further details. Later the reporter arranged a meeting between Chow and Wei, so that they can communicate directly from now on. Vincent needed more information about the photos, as he needed to provide fresh information for the website, which based its theory heavily on the photos. If these photos are fake, how can he answer to them?

Vincent finally thought of a way to verify the photos, he decided to copy the eyes of the Bigfoot and paste them on the website so that the world can verify the truth. He also promise a reward of 1200 RM if anyone can find the source of the eyes. He ask Wei for permission.

Actually Wei and JWPS did not want the photos to come out before the book launch, as it might influence the sales of the book. But the reporter felt that Chow’s idea was good. At that time it was Jul 26, 2 days before the first draft was due. The reporter seek Wei permission to release the “eyes”. Wei agreed to Chow’s idea and said that his society can bear the 1200 RM cost. He even throw in a 5 day 4 night holiday for a visit to the Johor forest, with full board and meals.

And so, a pair of eyes from one of the 4 photos (those of the female bigfoot) went on the website. It was Jul 28, 11 am.


At 6 pm, barely 7 hours later, Ang called up the reporter Lee, saying someone has exposed the photos as a hoax.

The supplier of the information was a Jean Luc Drevillion. In her email to Vincent Chow, she said that she has been watching developments closely. When the pair of eyes was posted, it remind her of a documentary in France which was based on Australopithecus way of life (Odyssey) At that time, the actors stick long hair all over the body to make it more realistics. The pictures were taken from a book on page 38 with the same name as the documentary.

The pictures of the Old Bigfoot were taken from pg 56 of the book. Jean even said that the book can be purchased over the internet from Amazon.

At that time when Sean informed Lee the reporter of the bad news, Lee was just leaving Wei’s shop in Johor Bahru. This is the first time that Lee heard about Tay, the supplier of the photos. Wei said that when Tay gave the society the photos, he did not give the negatives. As this was not a monetary transaction, JWPS did not ask for the negatives. Furthermore, the society consultant Ibrahim has said that Tay has the negatives and the pictures were taken from the forest.

The next day after the expose, Wei and his friends were still in the Kahang forest looking for Bigfoot. Apparently he has not heard about the expose.

Vincent and Sean was also very depressed. Vincent pay Jean the 1200 RM and passed the information from Jean to Lee, asking him to check with Wei.

A few days later, Lee met up with Wei. He has seen the photos sent by Jean. They were identifical with those in his possession. He was confused and apologied.

He called up a relative in France and ask him to look for the book to verify Jane’s information. Wei said that he will not escape the responsibility. He wrote a cheque of 1200 RM and passed it to Lee to hand over to Chow.

Wei said that he has not yet informed the world that the photos were real although he wanted to do so. And the reason he agreed to publish the eyes on the website was also a sort of verification. Furthermore the society has conributed some funds to the Johor Hominid Website also

Wei has said that he met the old Bigfoot 4 times, but he has not taken any pictures. Those pictures shown to him by Tay resemble so much of his old Bigfoot that he did not doubt Tay’s words that these were real photos taken from the forest.

On Oct 24, Kang Wei Ping submitted his research and interviews to Lee for his records, including a new eyewitness report by Aman (60) and Chew Soon Hin (49).
02 Jan `08, 6:27PM

Aman and Chew Soon Hin’s sightings

It was in the evening sometime in Dec 1989. Aman has met up with the Hantu before in the forest along Kota Tinggi. He challenged Chew to go with him to the forest to fish and catch frogs and maybe even meet a Hantu. Chew agreed.

They moved upstream along the river, catching frogs along the way. Suddenly Aman told Chew, “The thing is here.” They closed their torchlights and sat quietly behind a tree.

10 mins later, they heard some water splashing. There was a black shadow about 20 metres away. According to the instruction from Aman, they switched on the torchlights together and shine in the direction of the shadows.

They saw 2 big shadows, the one behind was taller than the one inf front, about 3. 6 m. They have brown hair. From the side, they look like an ape, with a protrubing jaw. The eye socket not including the eyebrow was 15 cam, the eyeballs were like eggs, about 5 cm long, and the distance between the eyes were about 20 cm. The nose was high, about 10 cm. The nostrils were forward. The forehead, face were hairless, and the head was full of shiny fine hair about 20 cm long. The face was about 50 cm long, with an elongated round shape. It was really a big scary face!

The legs were bigger about 3 times bigger than a man. The arms were as thick as a man’s thigh, and reach the knee cap.

One of the bigfoot caught a fish, and later the two disappeared swiftly into the forest. They were agile and walked with big steps.

After they left Aman and Chew went to the spot where the bigfoot stood. They found 4 paris of prints, but they were inverted compared to human, and a few hairs. They did not bring a ruler, and so used their parang as a guide. The parang blade was 12 in, and the handle was 5 inch, total 17 inch or 42.5 cm. The whole parang can fit into the bigfoot print, with some space still left in the footprint..

Chew was a mechanic, and Kang did not doubt his observations of the bigfoot and measurements of the footprints.

Jun 2006 sighting by speech impaired man

In Jun 2006 there was a 50 year old rubber worker who wrote his motorcycle to a plantation around 3 – 4 am. He meet a big King Kong like beast on the road. The beast can walk like human. The beast took the motorcycle and twice one of the tyres. The worker use his helmet to attack the bigfoot and it ran away. The worker took the spoit motorcycle to the repair shop. Selai Johor Park manager tool the motorcycle and the twisted tyre back to his office. As the worker was speech impaired, he could not offer more information on the Bigfoot that he saw.

Nov 7, 2006

Location near Kota Tinggi Waterfall. On Nov 10, an Indonesian worker brought a reporter Tan to visit the spot. He saw 20 human like footprints, but the length was 47.5 cm and the breath was 27.5 cm.

This fresh bigfoot print was in between the sightings by Kang Kim Chye in Kampung Lukut on Jan 18 (the rhino like print) and another big foot print sighting on 30 Apr 06, which was about 3 – 4 km.

Also the fence was pushed down, and the damage was not like that done by elephants. According to an Indonesian worker who stayed in a hut nearby, on Nov 6 around 9 pm, he heard outside his hut some funny noises, like somebody walking and panting, and also the breaking of branches. Later on in the morning of Nov 7, they saw 20 of these clear footprints. Unfortunately on Nov 10, the footprints were nearly washed away by the rains. But the reporter Tan can still make out a few footprints, which doesn’t look like elephant footprints, but a bipedal.
02 Jan `08, 6:28PM

Feb 6, 2007 Bigfoot prints at Semenchu

It was two days before the Chinese New Year. Semenchu was a developed area with about 700 people. It was about 40 km drive from Kota Tinggi towards Desaru

61 year old Haji Sid bin Impah son Mohammad Farid (20) has said he saw some big foot prints on Feb 6 afternoon. The Haji did not believe his son, how can Bigfoot come to a developed place like Semenchu?

But he saw the pictures on his son mobile phone, so he went to take a look. There were 2 bigfoot prints, length about 45 cm and width about 22.5 cm. You can even see 5 toes. There was a distance of 1.5 m between the 2 footprints. The foot depth into the mud was 7.5 cm.

2007 Jan 29. Sighting by Saharu (telecom tower watchman)

Saharu was the telecom tower watchman in an area near Kota Tinggi. On Jan 29, he drove his company van back to the watch tower and was taking a rest in the van near the tower. It was a drk night and all was quiet. Suddenly he saw and heard a Bigfoot standing near the fence at the telecoms tower, panting. Saharu can see that the Bigfoot was even taller than the fence. The fence was about 2.4 metres tall, hence he estimated the bigfoot height to be about 3 metres, or even 3.6 metres since he is at a distance of 9 metres away and looking at an angle.

The creature has black rough hair, and make deep low noises. He started to recite the Koran for protection. After 20 mins, when he opened his eyes, the Bigfoot was gone.He said that he did not mention this matter openly as he thought he would not be believed.

2007 Feb 21 Sighting by Two Shepherds

Azhar Rais (20) and Azlan Jamil (23) were at a plantation about 2 km away from the telecom tower. They were shepherds. Azhar father has a sheep farm near that area. Recently some sheep died, as if attacked by some beasts. So his father ask the two to look for the culprit and also for some sheep. On Jan 31, they were looking for their sheep when using their torchlight, they shine on a Bigfoot.

Bigfoot was squatting at that time, and both of them saw his face. It was like an ape, with red eyes. When the torch shine on it, its eyes reflect the light.

Although they were only 2 – 3 metres away, both of them were so afraid that they escaped immediately and did not take a closer look at the Bigfoot.

Sean Ang was there at that time as he has came to Semanchu after the Bigfoot print sights for investigation. He said the Semanchu bigfoot pints were the clearest Bigfoot prints he has ever seen. He also said that both Azhar and Azlan and also Saharu description, ie 3 events in a space of 9 days would make the existence of Bigfoot undoubtable. Haji Impah said 2 illegal workers also saw the Bigfoot at Semanchu, but due to their illegal working status, they did not want to be interviewed.


The author wishes to thank VIncent Chow, Sean Ang, Wei Poh Chin, Tay Teng Hua for their help and various discussions and site visits. In addition, Johor Tourism and Environment Chairman Long Mo Tien, Johor Park Chief and Vice chief who has shown much attention to the book, and his various newspapers colleagues. Also to Kang Wei Ping for his valuable opinions.

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°Possession At Funeral
°Search And Rescue Officer
°My Haunted Old House
°The Missing Mahjong Tiles
°MBS Carpark
°Third Eye
°Highway In Nantou
°Kampong Dog Barking
°The Spooky Mountain Adventure
°Haunted Punggol Flat
°A Spooky Tale And Icy Heroics
°‘Betaal’ Casting Director Recalls Spooky Experience During Audition
°Japan Haunted House Ghosts Told To Keep Distance
°A Teacher Is Haunted By Specters Of ‘What If?’
°Spooky moment ‘ghost uses his old wheelchair’ at hospital in Thailand
°The mystery of screaming school girls in Malaysia
°Five Scientific Explanations for Spooky Sensations
°I Want to Quarantine With a Ghost
°People stuck in haunted homes during quarantine report rise in ‘spooky’ happenings
°The Spooky Tale Of The A3 ‘Ghost Crash’ And A Mysterious Discovery
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