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The Burden Of My Life
By: Anonymous Story Submission

Many years ago, I was a living at the obscure little residential estate Pek Kio block 48 (near KK hospital), and the events that I am about to relate to you have never been brought up in my family, until my father’s death 2 months ago…

12 years ago, my family of 5 was about to grow bigger, my mother was pregnant with her 4th child, she was 48 at that time. My family took the news well, but everyone was concerned of her health as complications were not uncommon for expecting women her age. My father insisted that she take good care of herself, even to the extent of telling her that her health came first, the baby’s second, this led us to believe that the pregnancy was an accident, and that my father blamed himself.

Around the 7th month of my mother’s pregnancy, I was sleeping in my room when I heard whispers, soft whispers that seemed to come from the room opposite of mine, my parent’s room, a man?s rough voice. I thought it was my dad… I woke up with a jolt; I couldn’t make out any of the words, and all I could think of was to go to check it out. So I made my way to their room, all this while, the whispers were growing louder and louder, building up to a roar as I stood right outside their door… My mind was screaming at me that there was something VERY wrong here, without knowing why, I was frozen with fear, but I threw the door open anyway… Until today, I wish I had never done so…

The roaring around me stopped immediately, my father was curled up in a corner of the room, shaking like a leaf. And my mother… my mother was sitting ram-rod straight in the bed, the pillows and blanket were thrown off the bed and her hands and legs were limp, but the look on her face was one of utter malevolence, her features were blank, eyes closed, and she was smiling, her teeth stained with blood, a sinister smile that was so twisted and unnatural that I stumbled back out and slammed the door shut… The whisperings had come from her…

I went into my room, locked my door and sat down with my back against it, I didn’t understand anything that was happening, and I was petrified… Half an hour later, an ambulance came (my dad had called for one), and they rushed her to the hospital, I was later told by my dad that her face was still locked in that grimace… she and her unborn child died that night of complications, I didn’t want to know what kind…

I never asked about the incident, but about a year later, my dad came to me and told me… My mother began whispering in her sleep, it woke my dad up, he turned to her and as soon as he laid his hand on her shoulder, she shot upright with that smile on her face and that’s when her whispers became louder, my father scrambled away from her. He couldn’t explain why, just that he was somehow seized by fear and needed to get as far away from her as possible…

I don’t know if it was the pain of the miscarriage that resulted in her behavior, I doubt it… can any of you explain?

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