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Just chanced upon this while googling Pulau Tekong hauntings…guess I’m 7 years too late! 🙂

I was under LTC Wee’s charge from 1985 to 1987. He was a nice, fatherly figure (to me at least) and I for one am sure that he did not had any supernatural encounters, so his choice of words is actually quite clever. For one thing, he did not “live” on the island (as we did), and was not around when things go bump in the night. But that does not mean that things did not happen.

Like many of you, I have heard about the dead recruit, but this was before my time…but my BMT SGT claimed to be from that batch…and he told me that the recruit was probably “eaten” by wild dogs…hence the exposed entrails, but that is not to say that I do not believe in the supernatural… coz I do, but this case is by far tamer than a particularly violent possession of a Chinese recruit (G company) that took place in 1986.

His body was taken over by a Malay spirit, who led him around the island. In his statement to the Board Of Inquiry set up by SAF to investigate this case, he claimed that the parade square was laid over a Muslim graveyard, and there were ghosts milling all over the place! He described in detail the places he went (even though he had never been there during his training), and the ghouls he saw (including a lady in white who was submerged in the water under one of the bridges)… He was even able to show the officials (conducting the case) around…

(Sidenote) I remember this part about the female ghost vividly coz I saw her myself one night. Everyone had turned in for the night, but I was yakking with a buddy. My bed was facing the window and all of a sudden, I saw a figure in white hovering outside (quite a feat considering that we were on the 4th (top) floor!) I alerted my friend and we stared at it transfixed…then it had to go and call me by my name! By then, I was so frightened that I screamed loud enough to raise the dead, but no one woke up! Needless to say, both of us crept under the covers in the same bed that night!

Anyway, back to the possession…on good days, the Malay ghost played the spirited tour guide…but there were days when it got really bad! The recruit’s bunk bed will shake and rattle (with him in it) and he cussed and swore in fluent Malay (even though he was strictly Chinese speaking)…and bruises and marks appear mysteriously on his body (as though he was being hit by someone) and he was so violent that even his platoon mates could not hold him down! No one can debunk this case as there were far too many eye-witnesses around… I’m just surprised that this case did not make the rounds as an urban legend. Anyway, the recruit was immediately taken out-of-course and the case went under wraps.

Apart from this, there were innumerable smaller sightings that occur on and off…and we became rather blase about paranormal activities after that.


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