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I agreed with Austin but just to add on. Why Jiang Shi is called Jiang shi? Actually it’s origin came from the Mao Mountain of China’s Jiang Xi Province (Yep the Jiang in the first name of the province). It’s actually depicted Corpses from Jiang Xi Province. In that province there is a special job known as corpse deliverer. This occupation came from the long way dated almost 1500 b.c. The deliverers from the ancient China times found out a way to deliverer corpse to it’s families by using a biological and gravitational method. Thus “Jiang Xi Corpses Chasing” became a popular term. Later in those old Hong Kong movies under the influence of late actor Mr Lim Zhen Ying (original name was Lim Geng Bao), Jiang Zhi(s) evolved to what you see as of today.


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