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Woo another Jiang shi topic. Actually all those that you see are illustrated by the late actor Mr. Lim Zhen Ying… lol It is not really totally that you hold your breath that you will be able to avoid the Jiang shi. In the book of Mao Shan Qi Men Dun Fa, it actually wrote that these vampires has a strong sense of smell, thus they be able to sense the mortal energy Yang Qi from mortals fast. So where did these mortal energies came from. Your breathing loh, your body odour, your human gas, etc.

To actually avoid these vampires you actually need a chicken blood stained rope to tie it to something fast. Next… just run for your lives! The vampire will stop moving once it’s broad daylight as they requires the cold night energy known as Ying Qi to generate their kinetic energy.


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