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Old Frog

You must be a young punk; that’s why you cannot recall any rain during NDP.
Or you chose not to remember any rain during NDP?

1968 NDP, at the Padang, we the Guards of Honour were totally drenched,
shivering and teeth clattering, in the heavy down-pour and our white
ceremonial uniforms were soaked in red because some colours ran off,
while PM Lee Kuan Yew, under an umbrella, was inspecting us.

That was the famous episode that LKY has been talking and boasting about
regarding the Spirit of 68, the spirit of the people who, despite the heavy
downpour, stood still there in perfect harmony and resilience, without a flinch, against the bad weather.

We weathered on. That is why you can enjoy your carefree and comfortable life
today, obliviously of what hardship others had gone through before you!

Please try not to be a frog in the well.


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