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If ur’s is primary 5 camp,mine is the primary 4 camp. Same location. But different story. As for my story it happened in 2 occasions. One is during our night walking session. Second is during a ghost story telling by our camp instructors. It happened when one of the night,while we were walking at night during the night of my friends suddenly scream. Because she saw a figure standing right next to her. And she was being so rebel at that time. She fainted on the spot and was bring back to the hospital. The second incident which not happened to me. It happened to the other class,where their instructor told them ghostly tales in the bunk. And he switch off the lights. The students,siting very close to each other holding hands tightly. Soon,after their instructor finish telling the ghostly tales..some of the students are missing. Some of them are found in the toliet and some of them are found in the jungle area. It’s not known how they get there or vanished just like that.

P.S: I don’t know,which primary school ur from,but i guess what happened to ur friend is still a mystery till today..


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