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Well i would like to confirm this story. It is indeed true that there is a spirit of a woman in white with long hair. My cousins and me went there once for a overnight party. at that time there used to be swing there. a lady in white passed us and went to the swing and sat down. We were gossipping as to how stupid she was to alone there soo late. She was seated with her head down low swinging slowly. Soon we were drowned in our own silly jokes. About five minutes later i looked behind and to my horror there was noone at the swing. But the swing was swinging just as it was when she was seated. Damn i started shivering because she had to cross us again if she left, unless she flew above the trees into the forest. That did it, we packed evrything and stayed over in my cousin sheena’s house . We were too scared to go home and sleep alone on our own beds.


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