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I was an ex-student from Chung Cheng High School (Main) too. I have heard stories of the now-demolished Technical Block being haunted. I realize some of the toilets are locked up too but I never knew the reason why. Some friend or senior of mine told me that the toilets that were locked up like forever are haunted. I never really did pay attention to the horror stories of our school as I preferred to focus on my studies.

I don’t have the Third Eye or whatever but I am still kinda afraid of the supernatural. An incident happened while I was studying in the school. I was having either Art or D&T class (I forgot which) in Lower Sec at the Technical Block. Feeling stomachache (yes for some reason I’m prone to stomachaches) I asked for permission to go to toilet. Everyone in class know that I go toilet quite regularly last time (bladder problem or stomachache). So I went to the toilet as usual (sometimes I even go toilet alone as I was quite a quiet and shy person last time and I didn’t want to disturb my friends). But this time the experience I had was a little different.

As I was doing my big business, I heard the sounds of tap water running. I was surprised because I was pretty sure that I was the only person in the toilet at that time. So I assumed that somebody came in to wash their hands while I doing my big business (the toilet door always open like forever). But I didn’t hear any footsteps. I assumed it as nothing. Then I heard the sound of water again. So being quite curious I go and open the door to take a look at the basin but saw nothing so continue doing big business. Then after business I calmed myself down and quickly wash my hands then walk out of toilet back to class. As I left the toilet I think I heard the sound of tap water running again but I didn’t turn back to look. I still remained calm all the way back to class. Throughout the whole experience I saw nothing at all.

After that experience for dunno wad reason I just dun like to use that toilet (maybe my friend told me not to use it anymore). I will hold my business until recess and go to the new block toilet (some people told me those toilets are safer to use) or simply go toilet with my friend.

Another story I have to share is about the bell near the lake. They say that if you ring it three times a ghost will find you at night. So I went to tried it myself first in Sec 1. Nothing happened that night. So being bolder I tried few more times throughout my 4 years. All also nothing happened. I suppose its because I sleep like log when very late at night and I won’t hear or feel anything one. Or maybe because God protected me. Anyways, I don’t believe in that story.


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