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If you wish to know life after death AFTER you died then it’ll be too late dude! If you don’t repent soon, you’ll be sorry if you end up living in hell for eternity. There’s no life after death ON EARTH, after yoiu died,you’ll be taken either to heaven or hell. Depending on whether you have accepted Jesus as your savior or not. Only Jesus will give you grace of eternal life in heaven with Him although we’re all sinners from birth. Don’t waste anymore time bro! Seek the Lord and His truth. Accept Jesus as your salvation and repent. Ghosts do exist, but it’s just disguises of the demons to trick you to buy useless talismans, crosses, or beads. They only feared God! Not those man made junk! God is mercyful, He grants us a divine protector and tutor called Holy Spirit to protect and guide us through this difficult life. Please, do repent before it’s too late! You only believe anything that you see? Sometimes we use our other senses too you know! So you’re saying that you won’t believe that bell rangs just because you don’t see the sound waves that bell produced? Is that all you do by being a freethinker? Don’t shrink your world and your thought dude! Expand your horizons by seeing through things differently. Cause other things may need other ways to see. Just like you could peel a banana yet you can’t peel durians right? You have to cut it to see what’s inside the durians right


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