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Hi there, I was also a student from that school but of course way senior than you i suppose :).

Anyway, just to support this incident, it was a real story that had took place, the worker was murdered at the technicial block, and then dragged to the basket ball court, before it was thrown to the canal beside the school. newspaper was published when they found the body somewhere along the main canal water holding area. sorry i forgot where, anyway, there used to have complaints saying that they often found a pool of red stained or blood on the floor of the teachnicial block. but during my school days i never found any.

BUT there one i witness till i sick of it already. they said that the worker will came back and on the lights in one of the room in techinical block, yes this is true despite many times they have confirmed they have off every light in that block, but from the bishan park you will get to see most of the time one of those room lights will be turned on.

overall, its nice to be from that school. 🙂


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