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I just saw the same thing tonight.
it was at northeast area.
i bought coupons and went back and noticed something in the sky.
it was flaming and hovering; and soon after it started to move.
i pointed and said tuju-tuju, which was to acknowledge it, as I remember the directions to do so from my younger days when we discussed these things..
it moved a little faster and then started to lose its flames, and soon turned directions and all that was left was a ball like thing and soon disappeared.
went back, and my dad said that these things are rare in Singapore now, and that the way to make it not work is to acknowledge it.
I’m glad that it was not successful, also hope it wasn’t aiming for people i know. :/

as i type this out, the hair at back of the neck and arms keeps standing.
hope you guys will look at the sky and acknowledge if you see something similar.
help our fellow family and friends…


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