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My son is currently studying in Red Swastika Primary School, which also happens to be my ex-primary school. During my primary sch days, my classmates and I will always go to the end of the school field, where there was a well, A WELL WITH DEPTH, though sealed, but eerie and standing alone among the tall trees and bushes, just below the PIE bridge. They said one student fell into the well before it was sealed and died.

Also, a student i once knew when i was in the sch, died when he was hit by the school bus in the school carpark and was dragged by the bus till his face peeled off. You can verify this story with most Red Swastika school’s (1998) graduation batch students. I believe most of us remembered the well and the accidents. I want to explore the area, to see if the well is still around but i am afraid till now. And i will never let my kid near it so i cannot mention anything to him. You know kids, with their curiosity and all..


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