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guys…listen 2dis….dis is 1plc dat u wldnt wana get ur hand s in2…i’ve been 2loads of spooky plces n all i can say dis is the “ultimate destination”…….considerin the history & 1incident whch happened 2 my close fren frens(will share wit u guys later)..its a gd thing dat its been demolished…then again its still gv u the creeps even juz by standin at the main gate of dat property….well,i noe wat im talkin abt as i’ve been der b4 wit my cousins 3 yrs ago…its 1 of my younger cousin’s idea 2check out dat plc alrite…cal me wateva u guys 1..but on the way der while in a car i told 1 of my cousins whose drivin…i aint goin in & step my foot on dat property…i’ll juz wait in the car…..they were liked so put off by my attitude….but i told em’ juz respect my decision…so i started 2open up wat makes me nt wana go in all dat la….i hv 2admit lookin & searchin 2dat particular hse ard dat hillview area wasnt easy….if i can recall we were unable 2park our car exactly outside the main gate…also der was a couple of steep slope ard dat area….stickin 2my word,wen my cousins entered the property i was left in the car by myself(thank god notin happened)… the main gate was chained,they did nt actually climb over but they ducked thru an openin frm a drain(beside the main gate) leadin 2the driveway of the property…..roughy ard 20mins later 2my surprised they told me wats left wit the property is juz rubbles….honestly i was quite surprsied but at the sametime glad its been demolished….still even wit dat i will neva step my foot….coz wateva happened 2my close fren & his other 3frens….wat happened was they went up 2dat hillview hse sumwer mid 2001 was ard 7.30pm…..all 4 of climb in….ok lets juz put it my close fren is a the other 3 is b,c,d alrite…while at the driveway B wasnt feelin gd n tellin em’ he tot its best they juz called off the whole thing…he juz doesnt noe y but insist they juz bck off…then D chided wit em’ perhaps he’s juz an asshole after goin dis far might as well juz proceed….sensin sumtin aint rite A,B,C agreed…but D mayb reali an asshole he told em’ ok fine im juz gona check out dat hse on my own…so they waited 4em’ at the driveway…approximately 10mins he cme bck sayin….”c notin happened 2me wat”…seriously guys til dis day i asked my close fren A,wat was D liked wen he cme bck after 10mins on dat occasion…..he said D was juz his usual self… after hillview they went their separate ways n heads hme…the most horrifyin & inexplicable was wen B cal D on his cell ard 11.45pm he cld sense frm D’s voice dat D was “busy” wit sumtin…as he’s voice keep breakin up….then B *&@# D over the fon…askin wer the hell & wat is he doin…guys,guess wat did D’s reply…..”&#%@ wat am i doin here”?…..guess wat,he was actually attemptin 2climb over the hillview hse main gate on his own at dat moment….though i didnt get 2mit D & personally i dunoe em’ but i noe sumtin isnt rite wit dat hse….i doubt its a ghost but its worst dat perhaps sum evil or devil manifestin on dat property….u noe till dis day even after well over of 8yrs wen my close fren & the other 2guys repeteadly asked em’ wat made em’ gone over 2dat hse his ans was…”I DUNOE Y”…..n he pleaded wit em’ 2stop askin em’ over dat incident….n they cant cme up wit any logical explanation……so u ppl draw ur own conclusion…(dats the reason y i declined 2step my foot on dat property)


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