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Hawk Company

hmm i do not if the possessed case is the same or not, but i am from hawk company at the period, and yes, my bunkmate was possessed so to speak, the one who fractured his leg is the bunk IC, that night, is really weird, as my bunkmate (the possessed guy) suddenly sit up in his bed and keeping very still, and out of fear, i turn to face his bed to see watch he is doing. next i know he walk out of the bunk and suddenly there was shouts and commotion from the next bunk, which belong to our company as well. some company mate ran to us saying the guy is choking another malay buddy, subsequently, some other malay buddy spoke words of prayer into the possessed’s ear and the guy walk back into our bunk and pull up a chair and sit in the middle of the room. after a while, the possessed started to move and mutter angry words, as if he is going to find and choke the malay buddy again, we got worried and ask the bunk IC to get the platoon sergeant, and that is when the possessed got violent, and a few of the bunk mates tried to pin him down but his strength is too much for 7 of them to pin him down, and thats when the bunk 2nd IC found out that the bunk IC has fallen down the stairs and fractured his leg. someone else ran to the officer floor and finally got the encik to come help us, strangely enough, he took out the beret and wear it on the head of the possessed and the possessed calm down and was taken away to the medical center. That night was all lightening, wind and thunder, but no rain.


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