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Believe it or not too, and this happened 4 years ago! I was a technical officer in this security company whereby we have to do duty in responding to burglary alarm activation for a week to various schools islandwide in Singapore together with the police officers.

It was 3am plus on a saturday morning. My colleague, Adrian and I were being activated to Jun Yuan Sec together with two other police officers. We opened the main gate and proceed to the general office, disarmed the IDS (Intrusion Detection System) and look out for the zone descriptions that the alarm triggered off. Thereafter, we together with the police officers proceeded to check around the school premises to confirm no sign of force entry or break in. Upon walking along the school hall area, Adrian was walking along the inner side of the building with the 2 police officers and only myself was walking alone along the outer side of the building. I heard a lady was singing sololy and I presume it could be the resident staying next to the school are watching TV programme or something else. However the direction of sound seems to me that is doesn’t comes from the direction as I expected. I signalled the 2 police officers and none of them walk towards me and a short moment later, the singing stopped. After officially declared false alarm, we issued a burglary alarm activation report to the school and armed the IDS back to active. As it was a long tiring week, Adrain and I went for a coffee break and I mentioned to him about the singing. We both believe that we could be too tired but in actual fact, Adrian did not hear anything unusual while he was walking together with the 2 police officers.

Almost nine months later, I attended another activation of burglary alarm at Poi Cheng Sch in one of the Sunday mid afternoon. It was a false alarm and burglary alarm activation report issued to the school and arm back the IDS to active. Upon walking out the school premise, one of the police officers ask if I have known about Jun Yuan Sec? And I asked him back whether is it something to do with the “X-file” thing and his answer has confirmed.

According to him, some of his colleagues have even noticed “a woman with long hair and white clothing and also red bloody eyes” flow along the corridor outside of the hall when they are attending similiar activation few years earlier. If that is true and I would relate it back to 9 months ago that saturday morning. Who was the lady singing? And on the other hand, I came to realise why the 2 police officers none of them walk towards me after I signalled them. Most likely they have already heard about it from their colleagues.


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