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You forgot something! Oh yeah, the thing you should remeber is all of the above are nonsense –”

People often said that “rebirth” or “reincarnation” is needed to atone for one sins, but you said it yourself that some spirit needed ‘victims’ and sacrifices to be “rebirth”. So, basically you need to commit sins to atone for them too? Nonsense! Please do realise that devil, the father of blasphemy is playing tricks on all of you! If someone need to atone for ones sins yet they have to commit another sins to do that then where’s the point? It’s ENDLESS! Don’t you realize it? The devil tricks you so they could throw you to the pits of Eternal Suffering called Hell! Cause you’re all God’s precious creations and they want to condemn you all to hurt God’s feeling cause they could never do anything to God! Nobody’s perfect! If so called “rebirth” do exist then what’s the point in doing that? No one will died free of sins! So they will always runs the endless and pointless cycle of life? To atone for countless yet increasing sins they’ve done? Just think about it! No man could atone for his/her sins! Only God himself could free you from your sins! Be a newborn man by accepting Jesus as your personal Salvation! Be redeemed and receive Holy Spirit, to guide, accompany, and protect you from the forces of evil! Please do repent brothers and sisters!


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