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So,what’s your point exactly? Denying them or promoting them? I’m sorry to say this but the one who are shams is you dude! Please, do repent! Cause the kingdom of God is reaching close! And from your own words that you liked supernatural and done lots of research about them you must have known that the ‘pathetic excuse for a ghost’, as known as the devil, trickster, father of blasphemy, demons and so on are like lions roaring from the distance, looking intensely for a prey to consume! Mark my words! Do repent! Cause no other god or idols or other pathetic excuse can save you from Eternal Suffering known as Hell except for Jesus Christ who died for us, shameful humans. Even if He is the one and only true God Himself! The Almighty who loved us unconditionally! Please do think it wisely pal! I known you’re a smart person who is wise enough to digest all my words above


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