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thanks for sharing n this is my version when i having my BMT there in 1996,it all happen when i’m serving my BMT,when i 1st reach here..i find this place veri veri old onli later than i learn about the history of this place.its say to b the 1st camp capture by the jap during WWII,cos its opp JB,after capturing the camp the jap use it s a headquater or something.then we r being told by our SGT that our block which is the BMT block call Labrador,is the place where the jap use to keep dead bodies..hell its does give mi alot of creeps after hearing that..but i nv go n find out whether he say is true anot lah..thot he might b bullshitting us…btw every block in SC has a name all name after the name of navy vessels.the Labrador is just a 2 storey building,its in a U shape form,in the middle is a courtyard,lvl 1 is where the instructors office is,some storerooms and there is a cafeteria there.2nd storey is where all the bunks r.there is onli 1 stairs leading up to 2nd storey bunks for recruits.once u climb up the stairs in front of u will b a toilet,make a right turn n u enter the bunk.the bunk consist of 2 cabins.cabin 1 n cabin 2.each cabin is about size of 2 basketball court.after u enter cabin 1,have to walk straight about 25m or so n u come a door leading to cabin 2.this is where i m allocate to..found my bed its right to the end of the cabin beside my bed there is 1 door leading to the lecture room.i think nothing of it at 1st until when i’m unpacking my SGT came up to mi n ask..”so r u sleep at this bed?” i instantly reply “yes SGT!” “oh well good luck to u then,normally pple sleeping on this bed will get discharge going out of course during their BMT or either got themself injured” “har?!?” i was like wat the f@#k…1st day onli he come n say this kind of things to mi..well i nv think much after that though..days n weeks passes by wif everyday routine the same training,5BX,endurance run n all the shit n ya i 1 2 mention this which creeps mi abit during early morning while i m doing area cleaning,i m assign to clean cabin 2 toilet.let mi tok about the location of the toilet 1st.the toilet is at the other end of the cabin,u will see a door,once u enter,u will come to a small piece of space about a size of a room of an HDB.walk afew steps n the actual toilet entrance is on ur left.that morning after i n my buddies finsh cleaning the toilet,i ask them to leave the toielt leaving mi alone to mop the small space.after i mop i close the door from inside to prevent pple from entering..while closing the door i saw something on the door knot,kind of curious i bend dwn n look closer my..its an amulet..then dunno whayb my instinct tell mi to lift my head up n i saw a tailmen pasted ontop of the toilet door..WTH how come insdide camp got such things 1 was my rili send creeps dwn my spine..then i faster open the door go out n join my buddies who r standing outside waiting for SGT to come n inspect..after the inspection i ask my SGT wat is that amulet n tailmen all about nv say anything just look at mi n ask mi to get ready for fall ins..damn..y 1 2 act so secretive since he told mi about the story of my bed before already..after some times n finally it happens.i injure my leg but theres nothing much just some serious cut that i get from a fall.and afew day later i got discharge becos of some reasons..oh my…is that curse rili working!!!???this is my 1st BMT nothing much happen here,besides the curse working on mi.n some recruits complaining about hearing some1 doing foot drill in the middle of the nite at the court yard that i mention earlier on,but i brush that 1 away cos i nv heard that,supposing some boastful recruits 1 2 scare us n oso i nv did pay attention to the curses either until when i went back for my 2nd BMT.

the day that i reported for my 2nd BMT everything is still the same there at labrador.not much changes make..after all the administrative works r done n getting the allocation from our SGT,i went looking for my bed,with every steps drawing mi closer to my bed.i start to feel uneasy..OMG!! guess wat…i m getting the same bed next to the door leading to the lecture room again…shit!! m i going out of course again? this is wat i m asking myself…hai….dun think so much 1st lah…mayb i m rili thinking too much,sames things done 1 nite after every1 had already fallen deep deep asleep,i’m woken up by some shuffling footsteps in front of my bed,i m thinking mayb some of them went to the toilet to hide there n smoke i never bother to open my eyes to check oso n just go back to sleep.came morning when every1 was getting ready for fall ins,my buddy sleeping beside mi call mi out in a soft n weak voice..
“hey buddy!”
“ya?? eh y ur face so pale..sick ah..1 2 report sick anot??” i replied
“no lah..u know what i saw last nite?”he said
“wat?”i asked,then came a veri stunning reply from him
“last nite i saw alot of jap soldier walking n standing infront of our bed stadning by bed..” “huh!!! u sure anot..u not dreaming ah?” i asked
“no lah,last nite while sleeping i suddenly heard alot of noise then i open my eyes to see n then i saw them” he said.
“WTF! eh buddy u know wat i oso heard noise last nite leh but i thot they went toilet smoke so i nv bother..wah heng ar i nv open my eyes to see ah..” i said
“then u believe wat i tell u rite ..”he asked
“ya lah..cos i heard it oso mah”i said
“then y dun 1 2 open ur eyes n see?”he asked
“too tired lah,i rili thot is them going to smoke leh”i said
after this we went to fall in n relate this stories to some of our buddies that we r close to..n every1 listen wif stunned.but that never happen again..but something happen to mi again…argh…out of course!!! f%#k…again…this time i nv injure myself but out of course…argh…rili hv to believe in the curse man…

and my 3rd BMT finally its my last,this time round i wasnt allocate to cabin 2 animore,its cabin 1.n i didnt experience anithing much this time round but my bunk mate is the 1 who encounter.this is what he told mi.
in the middle of the night while every1 was soundly asleep,he heard shuffling sound coming from below his bunk(he is sleeping on the double deck) he open his eysee that alot of “people” standing by bed wif their helmet on.he’s thinking how come nobody wake him up.immediately he climb down from his bed n start putting on his helmet n SBO n join them in standing by..after standing by sometime he realised something is not come the cabin’s lights is not on when standing by n he stand his head ard n sees that the rest of us r sleeping on our beds.he knew that something is veri veri veri wrong ..he threw his helmet n SBO on the ground n climb back to sleep/morning when he told us this ..i knew he wasnt bluffing or boasting becz i myself encounter this b4 already.n he knew he wasnt dreaming becos when he wake up his helmet n SBo indeed r on the ground.n what save him…i dunno..cld b the big jesus tattoo on his back..haha..


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