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Was from Sembawang Naval Base in 2002.And yes, heard alot of story from the PTIs, guys from NDU..
From what i remember, “Xiao Hong” grave is at the corner near the slope leading towards the bunk of BMTC as mention by some of the instructors.”XH” haunts bunk 1 while the old man & little kid resides in bunk 2..My batchboy is a taoist medium, apparently he dreamt of the old man & little kid during one of the night there..And he mention that both of them was tortured to death during WW2..And also the tree just infront of the mini-mart, heard from the NDU PTI of a trainee hanging himself there during confinement.The downslope from IMOS where the old muslim cookhouse use to be..That area is the worse..JRC blk(Endurance) if i remember correctly(The one above the canteen)..If you look at the blk from the parade square, the 2nd & 3rd level on ur left..My friend got his bed kick from below when he was there on JRC last time.Do note that the beds there is all single storey..


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