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we muslim believe in the spirit world too…we believe that murdered souls and such can wander unless they are put to rest….what happen to the dead is decided by Allah swt…..we have no right to question His decision…..disaster that happen in indonesia had its reasons behind it…example the tsunami…do u know that before the tsunami happen the nite before a big group of tourist went to one of the beach n had a big party and thats very sinful so Allah swt wanted to show them what a big sin it is…yes many ppl died but it happen after a big sin was made the day before…if u do ur research well u will see that what im saying is true…n we prayed for the dead all the time especially for our dead loved ones nt once a year but everyday of our life when we pray 5 times a day….pls get ur fact rite…thx…..goodday


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