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Its been 20 years since I was at Tekong…and the ‘manifestations’ described here, I too have experienced. At 2am every night without fail, a pack of dogs will also arrange themselves facing one side of the camp and start howling for around 20 minutes. I see it many times because I frequently visit the toilet in the night. The toilet door flushes with the door closed…you knock on it, nobody answers…you go out and switch off the light…nobody comes out!!!…Early next morning I make sure I am the 1st one to review the condition and the door is opened!

Actually there is absolutely NO DENIAL that these things exist. Because during my intake, more than 60 pairs of eyes SAW it for themselves!

I remember the morning…at around 5.30am suddenly a bed in a bunk below ours was so badly shaken the 2 men sleeping on it were screaming their lungs out, ALL the men woke up…the instructors were called and the BEDS WERE STILL SHAKING!!! You absolutely cannot see anything moving it, the whole bed with 2 grown up men is being shaken so violently you wonder how many human men could have done. Their dog tags and necklaces were pulled so hard they suffocated. The whole thing lasted for quite a while until it stopped and the 2 men were unconscious.

Immediately they were sent to the sick bay where the MO directed them to the hospital. I never saw them until almost POP time. And they were very quiet.

(I have come to realise that we humans are really stupid if we spend our lives just working and getting $$$, and haolian and enjoy ourselves…because ultimately we not only get nothing when we die…we waste this life away without doing anything good for ourselves and others)


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