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Basically in Brunei, you cannot see more than and arm’s length away in the night. Not even your own hand. If there is some clearing you may see a little further. Most places you make camp will have pretty dense foliage. The ridgeline however will have a bit more moonlight. however, the Ibans (i.e. locals) use this path in the middle of the night, it’s like their very own expressway. They are very good trackers and do not need NV goggles. However, they do have their limitation. So if some idiot sleep across the path they can risk tripping these people walking along these path. what’s more scary? Spirits or an angry Iban(ex. headhunters) with a parang that tripped and fall after having a drinking session at his friend’s place all because these foreigners (SAF boys) don’t keep their path clear. 😉


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