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well now in this century, in today times, more mak andams are the young girls. I blive in the olden days, there are mak andams who practise the traditional part for eg, mandi bunga (flower bath) Some mak andams who are using black magic r 4 bad reasons but im nt too sure bout tt bt 4 wt i knw, if they nvr recite some (seri pengantin)holy verse, then the bride will not be attractive,as i blive brides wan to b the cntre and main attraction rite? you wuld’nt wana people to comment tt u r nt pretty on ur own day.. but take note, that there is many diff type of (seri pengatin) one of it is they call it seri pontianak whereby, the bride will be using the beauty of the Cik Pon, this is whereby not recommended..there are alot to learn in Mak Andam ropes, if you were to ask some veterans, then they hf alot of stori to share.


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