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I had this experiences before. I am a Christian now, but was not one then.

I was staying in a HDB flat and I always knew when this thing was going to happen to me, way in those days. I always remembered that this would always take place around 3am or 3.33am, I would strangely wake up for no reason with a heightened sense of my surroundings. When I slept late after finishing my school assignments and it is near the time, I would always feel terrible because of the fear. The very first time I encountered this, I heard doors opening, and footsteps, and initially, I thought it was my parents, but they never came and yes, I had this feeling of being pressed down without the ability to move, talk, shout for that matter. I was terrified when I first encountered this, and for the next few nights, it carried on. I did not tell anyone but one day, I decided that I had enough of this and that I would resist against this force. So while not actively hoping that it comes again, I had a course of action should this happens and true indeed, it came to the dreaded hour when it happened again. I resisted it mentally and physically and with more attempts over the next few nights, the “pressing” became shorter in duration and I no longer have the fear that gripped me like the first time it happened. With each improvement, you feel more confident about it and just as sudden as it started, it ended as well. I have since got married and moved out of the flat.

When I moved out, I have also heard things related to me by my parents that the dog kept by my sister would sometimes growl in my room. My younger sister have also got married and moved out too.

I no longer have any fear for the one that “disturbed” me then even as I go back to my old home.

I never really told this to my parents since they are still staying there, for fear of frightening them but the faith in my Lord that he will take care of my parents leaves me assured that protection would be there for my loved ones. Being a Christian have given me more strength and assurance that our good Lord would protect me against spiritual matters but that does not mean that we are given the permission to court trouble by actively seeking it.

I hope this helps, and if you need to talk to someone about this, my email is


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