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hi im a christian and i have the exact same experience a few months ago..
i dont want to tell my story, i just want to tell you what i did…
at first, i really had a hard time working because of this press by whatever, sometimes i hear voices whispering and sometimes i hear a strong wind passing through my ears, at first i was really scared… before you go to sleep, pray to god… ask for protection, ask for strength and courage, always read your bible… but the only thing that will get rid of this is your FAITH!!! none of this will work if you dont believe in it.. your mothers efforts will all go in vain if you dont believe that what she is doing will get rid of your problems… it is true that there is evil in this earth but believing in the forces of light will repel anything evil.. it will be hard at first but once you believe and apply what i just said, every ghost experience you have will decrease.. the only reason why this continues is because OF YOU THINKING YOU WILL EXPERIENCE THIS THINGS.. it is your fear and your thinking that leads to this.. if your thoughts turn to “im going to have a good night sleep tonight and be protected by god” , then i promise you you will have a good night sleep… please respond and tell me the results… may god bless and protect you!


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