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Interesting story bro!! I have the similar but different story. I as a malay believe that when we smoke during 2-4 am outside near a forested area we will encounter strange things. They say a jin( malay ghost) will be there near you and make creepy noises. It is because the jins food is smoke. I was at a uniform group camp at malaysia and it was about 3am and i ask my friend to follow me go out and have a smoke. So we were relaxing and enjoying our smoke break.Then suddenly i feel something that is fishy and i heard weird noises and my friends were like scared and i decided to head back to our bunk. Every step we take the noise will get close to u and we were scared. I ran to my bunk and my friends ask me if i heard what they heard and i say yes. From that night until now i have learn that not to smoke anywhere near forested area/area which is not ours. I hope that u will learn something from this story.


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