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I agree with you. My son has been behaving weird after having fever and he was admitted to kkh several times due to febrile fits.
He listens to malay music, talks to unseen things, running around as if someone is playing with him. After seeing the fengshui master, he claims that my son has a weird power within him. He told me to pray to Chunti Goddess at home to prevent the spirits to enter my house. After few months, my Chunti lost its power as one ofthe eye (paint) came off.
I brought my son to see the Hell Gods, Dua Ya Bek. He said my son has the gift to see the spirits and his third eye may only closes once he reaches 12years old. He said its his destiny and he can only protect him with the given talisman. However, we have to face the fact that he is able to see “them”.


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