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It always amazes me how people who are ignorant of scientific medical “phenomenons” attribute them to the supernatural. The above condition (or any “ghost pushing on me” situation) happens due to a difference in reaction time of your brain and body. When you are asleep, your brain is actually awake although brain activities slows down. But your body goes into rest as muscles relaxes, breathing slows etc. In normal days, right before we are consciously awake, our body starts up. Our heart pumps faster for blood to reach our areas of our body (that explains common early morning erections in guys), breathing fastens etc. So by the time we open our eyes, our body is up and running. However, there are days when our body experiences physical exhaustion, or our brains are subjected to heavy stimuli, and causes a difference in waking up times. For example, if ur brain experiences heavy stimuli (such as VIGOROUS STUDYING) and we go to rest straight after, brain activities might remain rather active even while our physical body are in resting state. As such, we can be consciously awake even before our body starts itself up when we “wake up”. Thats when we realise we cannot move our body, or feel something is pressing on us. It usually takes 1-3 mins for the body to start pumping enough blood and nervous system to start working. That explains the common time lapse when people say they can move after a while. Why 5 mins? most likely its because u feel time passes slowly when u are not able to do anything at all. And why the feeling someone is sitting on your bed? cause your muscles are so relaxed they feel heavy. Try relaxing ur arm muscles and see if they feel heavier. If they do, imagine that times 10.

Normally this happens to who uses (or using) too much brain power, or engaged in vigorous exercises. And please stop being superstitous, start being knowledgable.


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