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EuroBeng, its not a story. Its true.

Because many have seen it. Beds violently shaking in the middle of the night is nothing uncommon in Tekong. As I said before, during my intake 2 platoon full of men saw it with their OWN EYES.

It is so common that sometimes amongst the camp mates one or two can actually see these things and they tell us to ‘keep quiet’ or just side-step. I myself have experienced ‘weird’ things. Packs of dogs arranging themselves nicely EVERY night to howl at 2am at a specific side of the camp for 20 minutes. Toilet suddenly closing and flushing!…and nobody inside. I even shouted ‘anyone in there?’ and then switched off the lights in the toilet and waited and waited…but nobody came out! Early next morning before everyone else, I rushed back to the cubicle and it was open!

Just before my intake another recruit jumped to his death after ‘sweeping’ the floor of the bunks in pitch darkness in the middle of the nights and finally getting ‘rewarded’ with a trip by an ‘uncle’. The same place that the dogs were howling at every night at 2am.



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