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That was my unit dated back in 1990-1992, that’s where I was still in serving in NS during those good old days, your NCC HQ was a unit of “20 SA”, & that is SINGAPORE ARTILLERY at that time, it is indeed that the camp has a lot of things happening during that time, still can recall a few, one incident, I was in alpha company, staying in bunk at 3rd story, there is one scary night, while everyone sleeping like a pigs, suddenly our bunk door open by itself & closed it very slowly by itself again, not only I witness by myself, my bunk buddy withness himself as well, because all our bed is facing at the door direction, no wind was blowing that strong, to push that door open during that scary night, everything is normal, no rain either, only the celing fan is running in slow speed, & yet that was during the hungry ghost month…


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