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Sorry for the late reply as i would never expect someone would write. Thanks for sharing your similar experience with me and i believe there are others who had this experiences too. A friend did share with me too that a friend we know had passed away suddenly during a badminton game and strangely he had called his wife telling his last words.

Unfortunately i didn’t experience it anymore after i have my cellphone number changed by my telco provider. Base on what you experience like myself i am truly freak out beyond my believe that i could experience this at that time and a friend was with me too as he had witnessed this. I still have the calling detail report which i had kept and the police report as requested by the telco provider. Strangely that number my dad uses to call me was from his own cellphone which my bro had it terminated after he passed away and all those unexplained various phone number he uses to call me that got me shocked. Now i regretted having my cellphone number changed which i would very much like to have that thought of sharing this with everyone to have the voice conversation recorded. If you would asked me whether i did go play 4D number? No i didn’t because i am not very good with luck. On yeah there a time my dad uses this strange number 22222222222 that appears on my phone and he even gave me this number.

Well you can contact me if you like and we can meet up over coffee or tea to share some stories.


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