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Hi my name is nicko

i was 24yr and im working as security guard at tampines my story is about my own house that i was moving with my parent a few years later in early 2000.

it start in the midnight from 12-1 am i heard a marble droppng and chair dragging on above my room ceilling it weird and anger as this first time it disturbing me in my room in almost every night one day till i get mad im scolding those noisy sound using vulger words in chinese to avoid in scaring my feeling.

i was thought those noisy are from the chinese worker who was staying above as what i know and ever saw a chinese lantern was hanging at their doors entrance.

after a few month happen i get some info from internet and my friends say sometime those thing were not natural or normal behaviour its happen to some of other neighbour or other flat estate in HDB are not human being it is spirit happen to disturb or playing on their old place in their history when they died.

so now i already know a few info what had happen in my house now.and hoping how to get those noisy sound away!


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