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Hope you will be more responsible when you say things like “it is not good to visit Pulau Ubin”. There are families there who depend on visitors’ humble patronage to make a living. I myself have visited Ubin countless times, with friends, with spouse and also alone, and I’ve never encountered any strange things. I even camped there overnight with 3 other friends amidst the banana plantations without any events.

Cycling accidents do happen at Ubin, but the public should be aware that safety precautions should be taken – if you’re not a trained cyclist, for heaven’s sake, read the sign, dismount the bike and walk the steep rocky pathways! The signs are there for a good reason! Also, always check the rented bikes for any problems before setting off. They are afterall rented by hundreds of people riding through rocky roads throughout many years.

I hope your wife is recovering well. Felt that the driver should have been more compassionate and offer a free ride for your injured wife. I’ve heard and read many spooky Ubin stories but they are all just urban legends.


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