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Pressed By Spirit
By: Anonymous Story Submission

6 Years back, I moved from my house at Tampines to my grandmother place at Bedok for some particular reasons and did not come back to my house at Tampines for around 6 years. However, my dad sleeps at the house at Tampines from every Monday to Friday, only, only on the master bed room but not the study room which is my room.

So, my room, was not touched, or entered during these 6 years I had my stay with my grandmother. Last year during December I moved back to my house at Tampines, with all renovation done. I felt comfortable in my own room, and even slept well most of the time. Until, the month of January this year, something bad happened to me. I could remember clearly, as I encountered this “Held by ghost “almost every 1 to 3 days. On January 2008, the block beside my block had a few funeral ceremonies. One night, it was raining heavily, and there was a funeral ceremony, downstairs beside my block going on too. I thought it would be great by having my side window slide open a bit, so that the cold breeze could come in, and I could sleep well for that night. However, that night was a disaster to me.

I have read the whole of Wikipedia about “Sleep Paralysis”
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sleep_paralysis and I am sure that other than this medical theory there is some ghostly theory behind it. Even scientists believed that it might be a connection between aliens and ghostly encounters.

Ok, I shall continue the story, on that night, I was sleeping straight facing the roof, suddenly, I was awake, and I could sense that I am dying soon, and a force like nuclear wave flowing through my body, and my whole body got numbed. My eyes could only open a little, and I could see that I am in my own room, something hard kept pushing me on to the bed, preventing me from getting up and I had difficulty in breathing. The whole scenario lasted for about 2 minutes and then I was awake with both my eyes opened and my whole body feels OK like nothing happened.

The next morning, I didn’t do a research about it, and just treat it as a nightmare. Few days later, the same thing happened, and now, it’s even scary, like, what happened on the first encounter, but this time my eyes saw blurry images, I could see the air con, and some bulrush figure. My hands suddenly than start to hit the bed as I kept forcing myself to get out of the dream, the whole thing lasted for about 3 minutes this time, and when I woke up, my heart is beating like I was inhuman. So after the second encounter, I felt something is wrong. However, I didn’t know about Sleep Paralysis or “Held By Ghost” so I didn’t pursue it.

After the second encounter, I had these so called sleep paralysis almost every 1 or 2 days, and it was very terrible, every time it happened I could only force myself, and shout, “JESUS HELP ME” to break myself free from this thing. So I went into deeper research, I sms’ed all my friends and asked them if they had this thing before, the replies were, “Nope, never had this encounter before” however, I got a friend, she’s a freethinker and she told me that, it’s being “Held by ghost”. I got so terrified, and told my mum about it, and my mum just said just pray and read my bible every night and it will be ok. So, I knew, my mum will not believe me, you know, trying to convince a person to believe that I am being held by a ghost is totally insane. I tried telling more of my friends about it, and they told me that I am suffering from depression and I need to seek a physiologist. But hey come on, I am just trying to explain what I am going thru. Am I really in depression? No, totally.

So, I was so scared, that I put my holy bible beside my bed, every time I go to sleep, and guess what the situation was maintained, I had no sleep paralysis or what you guys said about held by ghost for around 5 days. Now, on Thursday 13 March 2008, I had a nap from 4PM to 5:30PM at my own room, with my computer on, and some Chinese song playing. Suddenly, after the song played finished, the sleep paralysis came again, this time it’s stronger than the other times, I could not even open my eyes, and I heard someone talking to me, it’s a girl, saying “I AM NEW HERE IN SINGAPORE, CAN YOU GUIDE ME?” I was so shocked, and all those held by ghost, stuff came to my mind, and I think I was talking to a ghost; I than replied “I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING, PLEASE CAN YOU LEAVE ME ALONE?” and then I woke up. Following at night, the sleep paralysis kept coming at a constant rate of 1 hour per sleep paralysis, and on that night I couldn’t sleep well.

So today, I talked to my mum about this, and she was like holding the bible cleansing the room, but I think it’s no use actually, if the ghost attacked me, even with a holy bible placed beside my shoulder what could cleansing the room do? It could only worsen the ghost to attack me more often. Now I am really scared, I don’t know what to do.

I counted yesterday sleep paralysis was the 24 time ever since the month of January 2008. I had never been into this before. However, I believe that it could be held by ghost. Anyone, just anyone, if you have a cure for this, can you just reply it here on this thread, I need to carry on with my life and overcome this so called ghost.

Everything I said here is 100% true and accurate.

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