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One Night In Hell
By: Anonymous Story Submission

We, human beings are generally born intelligent and smart. We look strong from the outside. We argue, we fight. But, mentally, most of us are weak in nature. Have u seen a tough guy turned to end his life? Or a mature adult killed someone for a reason? These are common because some human beings cannot take to face the truth. With religion, we learn to see things from another perspective. We learn to accept whatever fate that came along. We learn that certain thing may looked good for now but is actually bad for you and certain things may be not in your favor but it may turned out better for you. Some also believe that every thing in life is fated. What one should do, how much you earned, how long you live and etc. Let me brief you one example. Some people get advice from fortune teller that they cannot own a business themselves because they are not born to be a boss. One of my many true experienced I saw in my temple is a man that used to be a cook. But he has never able to work for a restaurant more than 6 months in his life. Either the restaurant he working in would closed after some times or he would dismiss from his duty for a reason. He only found out that he is not suitable to be a cook because he possesses strong ‘fire’ in one of his 5 elements in him after visiting our temple. As such, he was advice to do things related to water. He listened and he is now a very successful businessman that own an aquarium business. So, are we fated to things we could do?

I got to know a Malaysian girl lived in JB some times ago. She came from a broken and complicated home. She used to visit a Taoist temple which also have a medium that provide consultation service in JB. But she find it weird when talking to the medium because the medium keep asking her personal questions unrelated to her problem. Through me, she came for the first time to visit our Dua Ya Pek in our temple. She wanted to find out if the medium in the temple she used to visit for consultation in JB is genuine. I wouldn’t be elaborating the issue here since it is not related to this story. However, her questions to Dua Ya Pek were eventually linked to her family members and her younger brother, Ah Lek. We were told that her younger brother is doing plentiful of bad karma and that if he is not repenting any time soon, Dua Ya Pek would be coming after him very soon. We were then told by her sister that her younger brother Ah Lek is a drug dealer in JB.

Just like many other youngsters. Ah Lek did not start off doing illegal business. He used to work for some companies In JB but it just never lasted for too long. For surviving, he worked as a runner for Ah Long (illegal money lender) than switched to a professional Ah Long himself. By luck or what, the illegal business seems to work better for him. Soon, with the money he made, he escalate to a very well known drug dealer who is known as controlling 90% of ICE in JB.

In our law, illegal business is mean running a business without registration. A money laundry, loan shark (ah long), number betting and gambling den are the few cannot be registered. However, didn’t you find them all in most of the countries? We have money transfer, finance company. 4D outlet and 2 big casinos coming to our shore. The different is of course they are all registered and is approved by our govt. What I’m trying to put across is, in the eyes of the god, there is no such term as is legal or illegal, as far as it is harmless to folks, it is acceptable. But, they are deemed as ill taking businesses because it’s ripped off hard earn money from the folks. As such, a person who is running this type of business is advisable to be more charitable so as to repay and accumulate his good deeds from his ill taking business. If you noticed something, our Singapore Pool is one of the few big supporters in any sizable charity events. Perhaps, our govt. also strongly believes with karma.

As for the case of Ah Lek, he is a big time drug dealer and he is not fall in the category of‘harmless’ business because drugs killed. At the age of only 23, Ah Lek owns a private house, few luxury cars, many runners and a live-in girl friend of few years. His girl friend has since gone for 2 abortions and they still think it is alright for that. The third time was done without going to a hospital and it was done at home. White vegetable is known as very‘cold’ for woman especially to pregnant woman because it would affect the womb. Her womb is weaker as the result of her few previous abortion. Unknowingly, she drank a lot of the soup cooked of the white vegetable. She felt a pain in her stomach after awhile. She then goes to the toilet thinking that she was just wanted to poo. To her horror, she actually poo out the incomplete foetus into the toilet bowl below. Ah Lek went and lifts up the foetus and places it into a plastic bag emotionlessly. He actually wanted to just dump the dead foetus into a dustbin outside his house but was stopped by her sister. Her sister insists him to make a proper burial of the foetus under a tree nearby. I believe some peoples can even treat an animal foetus better than him. I really can’t figure out what was on his mind at the point of that situation. His sister said he must have damaged his brain for consuming of too much ICE. Beside brain damaged, inhuman is also another word to describe him. Anyway, the foetus was burial under a tree along a stretch of road near his home where he don’t usually take the route. People living around that area would usually avoid that stretch of road because it has happened a few miserable fatal accidents and it is deemed as ‘dirty’.

Ah Lek is a devoted Thai Buddhist. He is especially devoted to a Thai monk from Kulai in JB. He also carried numerous Thai Buddhist amulets with him. Ah Lek believed that the Thai amulets he carrying can help him to avoid trouble from the law. So far, he is still yet to get into any serious trouble with the law. He can run away from the law but he may not be able to hide from the retribution. Although Ah Lek is aware about his would be ‘short live’ prediction by Ah Pek from his sister, he never think it is a threat to him. In fact, he is confident that the Thai amulet he is wearing can help ward off any ill fated accident from him. He is concerned only of his daily sales his runners can fetch from the drugs.

Due to the nature of his illegal activity, Ah Lek is very careful with his movement. To avoid detection from the police, he don’t usually drive. He has many runners and they drove different car. As such, it is a good cover for him to go on different car eveytime he goes out. Therefore his runner would take turns to take on the wheel and he would just be a passenger. Some time in 2005, as usual, one of his runners took the wheel with him after a drug party in a disco in down town. It was into the wee morning hour. The weather then was cooling with visible thick fog on the silent street. The car moved faster with the help of alcohol and drugs in the driver’s blood and more cold air into the engine. Ah Lek was so badly affected by the drugs and drinks he had earlier that he dozed off inside the car even it was blasting loudly with unbearable techno music. With no specify directional guide from Ah Lek, the driver went and took the shorter route to his home which is the miserable stretch of road that is not supposed to be used. Ah Lek was sleeping soundly inside the car but was suddenly waken up by some strange noises he heard. Till today, he is still unsure with the sound he heard. Whether was it real or just a dream. He heard joyful laughter from children playing. Very clearly and loudly. For me, I think otherwise. The noises he heard were from the children but they were not playing. They were overjoyed to see Ah Lek there and they laugh because they knew tonight is his pay back time. Ah Lek jumped up from the reclined car seat like a flash of light. He stared into the fogging street through the watering wind screen; he knew something is not right. He turned to look at the driver, before he can even open up his mouth, the car veered side way to the left, mount up onto a concrete kerb and dashed straight onto an innocent tree nearby at the side of the road. BANG! In just a blink of eyes, the noisy car engine sound was gone, carbon dioxide emitting from the exhaust pipe big enough for a cat to hide inside is cut off and of course same goes to the shake head techno music. The blasting sound from the In Car Entertainment is now replaced by the sound from the crickets and frogs living in the bushes. Due to the impact, Ah Lek was flunk off from his seat and bounce directly onto the wind screen in front and landed onto the now wrecked car bonnet. OOch! It must be very hurt but Ah Lek is now motionless and speechless. He is now looked like a dead man lying on a metal coffin.

I was told that child spirit is fiercer and they would do anything to get back to the person that betrayed them. Because they are too young to understand what is right or wrong, therefore they are so called excuse with the punishment by God if any. This is also why it is explained that those evil master that practices black magic during the ancient time or even now in some rural country like Thailand like to make use of child spirit to take up the role to harm the targeted victim. Child spirits are easier to control, less demanding but lethal. Remember I once mentioned that even an unborn foetus is a living child and that Chinese age is added one more year because our age starts from the day our mum is conceived. So, don’t underestimate an unborn child spirit even it is just a foetus.

The driver was not badly hurt. He called Ah Lek family with his mobile and they quickly send him to a nearby 24 hours clinic. (I was told that the ambulance in JB takes donkey years to reach the scene) The doctor there in the clinic thinks that Ah Lek was not seriously hurt because beside some visible cuts on his facial, it was basically no physical injury on him. The doctor gave him a jab and just leaves him there on a clinical bed for further observation.

The next day, Ah Lek was still in the state of coma. His family members also discovered that his body was turning black. They then quickly transfer him to a hospital. Only at this time then I was informed by his sister. She called me sobbing that her brother met an accident and that is now in critical condition. She wants me to help ask Dua Ya Pek if her brother can pull through this time. Dua Ya checked and said didn’t I said this guy has little deed and his day is number?

Well, that is true. Fate is one thing; however we will still try to revive him at our capacity when help is needed. Communicating through phone, I gave instruction to his sister on direction to pray from his home to seek mercy and blessing from the god. In the end, live or die is now depending to his fate and self cultivation.

How can I tell you so much about his last few hours before the accident if he is not living today to tell me right? Ah Lek is not just going to tell us what happened to his almost last few hours but also his next few miserable hours after the accident. Ah Lek says, the accident happened too fast for him to react in that split second. When he turned and looked at the driver, he saw the eyes ball of the driver was looking upward. What the driver can remember on that fated morning is he was not drunk but he suddenly felt his vision went blank and the next thing he know is seeing his car hugging onto the tree like a Australia koala bear. There wasn’t any warning at all. Was that what we called eyes covered by ghost?

Anyway, Ah Lek then went to an unfamiliar place he never been before. The temperature there was very cooling but was at a comfortable level. He walked on a path leading to somewhere but cannot be seen because the visibility was low. He can hear water streaming sound from both side of the path. It is like sound of water streaming down from a river. He just keep walking and walking until he came to an arch that written with some words on it. He can’t read what was written because the visibility was very poor. However, he saw a lady in white standing behind the arch waving at him. She was like luring him to walk further up and cross below the arch. At this point, Ah Lek was hesitating whether to carry on or turn back. But he can feel a force in him that he should not walk up further. After a while, the lady in white gone. Ah Lek then heard someone calling out his name from behind, from the direction he came from, he turned back and that was where he opened up his eyes to see his family members were all around him beside his hospital bed.

The above encounter is true from Ah Lek. Those people that has closed shave of live and dead usually shared a similar encounter like going to a strange place. I was told that it is a path of leading souls to the next dimension. Ah Lek experienced that himself and he believed it. He was saved and is now giving another chance to live. He repents and he has since turned over a new leaf. He stops selling drugs and he is now a helper in the Thai Temple becos Ah Lek believed that the amulets have saved him. Remember those amulets he worn on his neck? The chain was broken due to the impact of the accident but all the amulets were never be found.

The End.


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