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Jetty At Tekong
By: Anonymous Story Submission

I came back with another story regarding in Tekong. Same as I was serving my NS in Tekong. One day, I was order to do duty in the jetty. This is the first time I am doing the jetty duty. And it need to check a few number of check point. And one of the check point is at the bridge and banana planting area. I start with my story, it was about 1 am in the morning. As it was my turn with my buddy to start clock-in at different check points. When we reach the bridge to clock-in, we find that the place was very chill even it is very hot that day. And it is an open area. Suddenly my buddy walk very close to me and tell me that he feel very uneasy. I told him to shut up and don’t say anything. As I was clocking in I saw a lady in white and long hair was at the other end of the bridge. My buddy was very scare as we know that there wouldn’t be anyone at this part of the road at this time. So I ask my buddy not to say anything and quickly move on. But my buddy was too weak to move. In the end I have to carry him by the shoulder to carry on our clock-in on check points. Lucky nothing happen.

The next check point was the banana planting area. Upon reaching there, I sense that something was not very right because you can smell very nice jasmine flower. As what I know, if you happen to go to this type of dark and scary places and you suddenly smell jasmine. That means no good. And when we going to clock in at the check point, we sense that someone was looking at us. We saw the same lady in white at about 10m away from. And at this time I and my buddy were very scare. But I also don’t what came to me, suddenly I raise my rifle and clock in one round. And I shout at the lady in white “What is the password”. “What is the password”, “If you can’t say the password, you need to leave now”, Suddenly the lady in white move and came close but in very slow movement. I shouted again “Don’t come any closer or I will shoot”, “I warn you again don’t close and if you don’t know the password go away”. And out of sudden the lady in white disappear into the air. And one of the office in-charge came to look for us. He saw me raise the rifle and prepare to shoot, that why he didn’t come near to us earlier. By the time, I turn to my buddy he have already fainted and laying on the road.

After this the office in-charge ask me to help him to carry my buddy back to the duty room. And he say no more duty for the rest of the night. The next morning, he ask me what happen. I told him everything and he scold me why am I so silly. I should have run back to the duty room together with my buddy. What if something happen who going to answer to my parent and my buddy’s parent. Then I ask him actually what happen. He told me actually there a girl that die near the bridge and this happen long time ago when there are still people staying in Tekong. After going back to our bunk, my buddy say he was sick need to go and see Medical Office. And he need to spend five at the medical centre because of high fever. I also why he get it. Lucky for me nothing happen and everything went well for me.

It has happen for long time. But everytime whenever we have gathering together with the whole platoon. They will surely bring up this topic. But frankly speaking, until now I also don’t where I find the guts to raise my rifle and ready to shoot at the lady in white. What if it attack us and what were happen when I fire the rifle.

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