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Haunted Salarang Camp
By: Anonymous Story Submission

During my army , I was posted to Selarang camp and I’m going to tell you the story about that camp. First, these accounts are my personal experiences in the 80’s which may differ from from current conditions. I’ll talk about the main entrance of the camp which was initially located at the stretch of the road where bus no. 9 used 2 ply. There used to be a sentry post there with 2 air conditioned container trailers catered for guards to rest and also lock up the rifles. One of the container trailer where rilfes were stored was haunted. Guards who performed their duties then were advised not to rest in that trailer as cases of beds shaking had occured before. During those times, The 9 Division was still under construction so there isn’t a lot of working personel yet. But words were spreading really fast when something unusual happened.

If one moves up the road from the sentry post(about 20 m away), he will see a very big old tree which apparent is the only tree located in the entire compound. Nobody knew why it is standing alone at the edge of the slope in the arty area. The buildings around the arty compound were really new so the old tree really looks out of place in the new enviormen so to speak. Then there was also a large nail being nailed onto it with some red paints(i think its paint). Its especially spooky when u look at it in the nite. I had a weird encounter there. I was detailed to an early assignment at 7am so I reached camp at around 6.30am. The day was breaking was dark and fading so I couldn’t really see things clearly. I had to go to the HQ MT line which was then temporarily located at the arty compound so I naturally walked on the right side of the pavement on my way there. As I was passing the the old tree, I suddenly heard footsteps and I thought it was one of the guards walking behind me heading to to the canteen or toilet so I turned around to see who it was. But as I turned, suddenly the footstep stops and there was nobody. So then I thought maybe my ears was playing tricks but when I start walking, the footsteps sound started again as I turned my way heading to the MT line. This time it really freaked me out but still I didn’t run. I then make a quick headturn and still sees nothing.

I walk faster but the sound of the footsteps was getting really loud and close this time. I then really panicked and ran as fast as I could. When I reached the gate of the arty area I didn’t even bother to call the MT line NCO to unlock the gate for me. I climbed over the date and quickly rush to the room where the nco was sleeping. I banged on the door so hard that it woke the nco and duty driver on duty. The indian NCO ask me wat happened and I told him everything. Later I followed him around to scout for fear that there might be intruders but we didn’t found anything or anybody suspicious. Later I just move on to perform my task but from then on I always prevent walking near the huge tree but sometimes when I was coming back from night details, it was really frightening because the 3 tonners can only be parked at the carpark near the old tree and that area doesn’t have any street lamps at all which makes it a really dark and spooky spot. Some believed that there is a spirt livingin the tree. The next ghostly incident happened in the arty’s MT line. Till this day I’m not sure if what I saw then was a ghost or just a hallucination. I remember I was doing my guard duty together with my NCO and along with 2 drivers. Because they have early duties in the morning so we usually turn into bed at around 11pm. My NCO and I will usually occupy the “A” room and the drivers would take “B” room. While we were sleeping, in the middle of the night some noises woke me up. I open my eyes to be greeted by a hugh dark shadow standing in front of me while I was lying down on mattress. My first response was to scream and I shouted for my NCO as he was sleeping beside me. My NCO was awoken and got up quickly turned on the lights and ask me what’s wrong. I told them him about the huge shadow and we then checked together each and single room in the unit. We slept with the lights on till the next morning. In the morning the twp drivers then related to us that someone was trying to enter the room as the door knob keeps turning. They said that they tried to look through tje small gap from where they were sleeping but they saw nothing. If there’s a person trying 2 open the door they’ll b able 2 see his shadow through the gap below the door. We were very familiar with one another in 9 Division so we don’t think anyone performing duties that night would play such prank on us.

Then on another occasion, we felt the presence of “them” but didn’t see anything unusual. before the temporily HQ MT line was relocated to the arty compound, we stationed at a big warehouse next to the arty. The big warehouse was located just 20-30 metres away from the arty’s main gate and we would always play carom etc. On a particulate night we played until it was quite late and the other 2 drivers decided 2 stay over at the warehouse. We left our carom board as it is on the desk as usually we would clean it up in the morning before the MT line Encik comes in. It was around 6 plus in the morning when one of the drivers woke me up and said “goh goh wake up, come here n c” I didn’t ask what he want to show me and I just followed him. He brought me to the carom board area but we stayed at a distance. My hair stood up as momething chilled down my bones. Without uttering anything, I look at my friend and he looked at me as we were really spooked.. What greeted us was the carom seeds were laying nicely but the fact is everybody was sleeping throughout the night. During my time there, the HQ MT line moved 3 times within the 9 Division. Originally it was located behind the cookhouse/canteen with the room opposite the cookhouse’s seargent room was the MT line’s office. 1 batch of intake before mine, there was a 9 Division driver got killed in an accident at the old tampines road which was banned to all SAF drivers thereafter. Half of the cookhouse area was allocated to be used as the driver’s resting point. When i was there the older drivers who were about ROD told me that the small area where Mt line used to be was haunted by a driver’s who was killed in an accident. Fortunately i didn’t get the chance 2 meet ‘him’ but the Mt line storeoom was really spooky and you’ll feel really uneasy if you sleep there in the night.

Finally, here’s the last ghostly tale of 9 Divsion that i know of. I wasn’t there when the incident took place but during the time, it was known by almost every personel in the camp. One of the guards(a malay guy) was possessed while he was patrolling at the HQ (a beautiful but old colonial building beside the officer’s mess). When he was patrolling near a tomb like molehill near the generator point he went into a trance and spoke some foreign languages that even our officer that day had to come down personally and try to subdue him by putting him down on the floor. It took a few guys to put him down and this malay guy is really small in build. He was later sent to the hospital and IMH thereafter. I heard to this day he is still in IMH. So a lot of us who had served in Selarang believed that it is really a really camp.

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