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Haunted Places
By: Anonymous Story Submission

There are many Ghosts in Bishan, many years ago before Bishan was developed,the area around RI was cemetery and burial grounds. That’s why RI is builton that patch, don’t know about the current residential areas though. But there are many reports of wandering ghosts and spirits in Bishan.

Dunno if anybody remembered a Samsui woman was found dead in a construction lift with her head and body severed by the opened lift door in Bishan? The unit that her head overlooked, there has been a murder of an Indian woman in that very same unit. If you are wondering why I knew so much about Bishan, well, I happened to have a mother that works in that area and she had been seeing “UFO” after the clock hit 6pm.

I’ve a rumour that if you were to go strolling in Bishan Park in the evening or later, do bring along some sweets. There is this particular bridge in Bishan Park that has a soul of a little child. Everytime someone pass the bridge, the child would ask for a candy. If you don’t have any, the child might just scratch your face or show you something bloody.

Lido Cinema Ladies Toilets. Documented cases of hauntings! Do a search of Straits Times if there is an online database. If I’m not wrong, this stories applies only to the old Lido, i.e before it was renovated. Word has it that certain rows of their seat are always empty. And you know who they are reserved for 18th & 19th Floor toilets and the fire escape staircases, SLF building, 510 Thomson Road. Someone regularly burnt incense papers. Don’t ask me what is in there, I don’t know. Everytime I went to the toilet at night, my hairs stand on their ends. Try it after 22.00 hrs and especially on 7th month. Don’t ask what is in there.

There’s a house in Chestnut near the cemetary and church, corner semi detach.(but nothing to do with the cemetary) heard that people shift in, shift out, shift in, shift out. Some one got a monk, but no use. And someone got a priest, but the crucifix broke. Now it’s for rent.

Another rumour about Fort Siloso in Sentosa. Notice the shape and the position of the fort (shaped in a crescent). A lot of British soldierswere thrown off the fort. It’s known that wailing of men could be heard at night. The fort closes at 6pm.

Saw a female silhouette sitting on the top of Jacob’s Ladder at Tekong Camp 1 while doing prowling with another platoon mate. Heard about the jacobs ladder too. She was waiting for her husband who went out to sea and hasn’t return since. Once in a while, she’ll remove her head to comb her hair. Hearsay, didn’t see b4.

There was a story about a recruit at Jaguar at Camp 3 who brought a pork bun into the bunk and kept it in his locker. Apparently his locker started shaking violently or he became possessed. They had to call in the Exorcist for this one. One of my section mates’ parent bought charsiew rice for him during Parent’s visiting day which he consumed in the bunk. Had high fever for a few days. Some time after he brought dried pork (if you know what I’m trying to say) in and consumed in the bunk, fell sick again, high fever for a few days.

Was in 2bts for my BMT. My sgt told me that he was woken up in the morning thinking that it was time for 5 BX when he realised that the voices were of children playing. Still remembered that we were not supposed to eat anything that had pork inside the bunk. Seems that the bunks at camp 1 were built over Malay cemetaries. After BMT, I went back to tekong as an officer cadet for exercises. One of which was nite topo at the oil palm plantation (east of the island) there was a checkpoint known as SQ. It was also known as the Japanese Karaoke point. We heard jap, songs drifting to us when we were there.

Some of the army camps here are haunted from what I gathered from my army buddies. Of which, majority thought the old Nee Soon Camp was “extremely”haunted. If really need to go there, please bring along full protection against the unearthly beings. Challenge the CO to stay in the building alone if he doesn’t believe it. Feel free to contribute if you think there are other haunted camps to look out for.

What is tekong compared to lakiun camp (brunei jtb)? With several people collapsing inside a certain bunk at different instances (quite a spooky place, I must say), foaming at the mouth and yet the medical officer cannot detect anything wrong with them and they were immediately brought back to singapore! Finally, the camp commander ordered the place to be out of bounds that even those on guard duty do not have to prowl near it. A bomoh was asked to perform rites and that set things right.

Heard of the 3 door bunk of Charlie company of tekong? It was converted into an instructors’ office and b4 moving in, a taoist was brought in toperform some rituals. Some experiences – When my mossies net’s stick fellon me at 3 am, I woke up to see “the old man of tekong”. He was figeting in front of my buddy’s cupboard, I didn’t call out to him. Don’t ask me why, but I juz didn’t. Then I had nitemares till morning as u guys should know,mossis nets is compulsory in tekong, my platoon mates fixed up his net and went to zzz, he woke up in the middle of the nite to find the net neatly tucked under his pillow, he put it up again to find the same thing happen. Once, the whole bunk heard children laughing & running round & round the whole bunk, no one dares to investigate.

Have u guys seen the laughing tree of Tekong? We recruits were brought on a hill to draw I forgotten what u call that, kinda picture to familiarise urself with the surrounding, arc of fire thingie. There, rite in front of us is the laughing tree. Story is that, a recruit while marching laughed at the tree during day time. On their way back, the tree laughed back at him.

Blk 122 Jurong East St.13 (took some shots of 1 location out of 2 locations where i experienced hauntings)
*saw something like a old woman’s head(back of the head) bobbing on the 7th flr stairs, and saw apparition at home -baby with outstretched arms on brothers baby stroller*

Blk 536 Jurong West
*saw dark figure in kitchen frm corner of eye everytime coming home alone in the afternoon, experience staring sensation frm outside common corridor through window*

Blk 930 Jurong West Extention
*staring presence (spelling correct?) frm corner of stairs through railings, flying apple incident at 2am*

Blk 411 Clementi West
*rolling marbles*

Nee Soon camp
Block nearest to new Medical Center, third floor first bunk next to toilet.
*short shadow running from bed 6 to bed 13*

Pasir Ris Beach
*heard sinister laughter from a young tree while chatting with fren on bench, beach deserted. Fren confirms heard laughter too*

Pasir Ris Ntuc Resort
*when Block J under renovation, no path lamps on, very bad evil pressence felt at dark path.*

The Heeren, Orchard
*basement carpark lifts/hidden frm sight single cargo lift, bad feeling…lift door opens scarily.*

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