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Haunted Office
By: Anonymous Story Submission

This happened to my ex colleague in my ex company. She sat beside me in the office and she is someone who is very interested in fengshui. One day, I saw a new fengshui item on her desk, something that looked like a coin sword. Out of curiousity, I casually asked her what the sword was for. Then she whispered, “shhh!!tell you later. Got many people here now la..”. Wah lau..I sensed sure there was something she was about to tell me. So later when not many people were around, I asked her again. She asked me to come nearer and she started to tell me the story.

My colleague’s bf picked her up from work every day. But he always arrived at our office late i.e. 9 p.m. because he worked far away from our office. So,usually my colleague would end up alone in the office. We used to work on another floor but recently our department moved in to this new floor. She said, one night, she went to the ladies toilet at the other end of the floor. When doing her business inside the toilet (the toilet had the usual plastic cubicles inside), she heard tapping sound from the next cubicle “tap tap tap”. So she came out of her cubicle (only half finished her business!!) to check whether got anyone outside. Eh nobody else was in the toilet and the tapping sound stopped immediately after she came out…So she went back into the cubicle again to finish her business. This girl somemore dared to say “Don’t disturb me!”. She said she thought it better to give a fierce warning to show that she was not afraid. Well, she told me she got 6th sense and a bit of 3rd eye. So she said she was not very scared about the supernatural stuff. Yeah right! Immediately after she went back into the toilet, and continued her business, the tapping sound started again! Wah lau..only then she felt a bit of goosebump on her neck. Then, soon she felt something worse. Every cubicle had a light on top of it. She felt that the light on her cubicle, slowly dimmed as though there was something floating on top of her staring down at her. So the entity probably covered the light, that was why the light suddenly dimmed!! Somemore this girl pretend to be brave although inside she was scared like crazy. She said she cooly finished her business, didn’t wash hand but casually walked out of the toilet. Right after she opened the toilet door and walked out, she ran so fast like a mad woman to her workstation. She quickly packed and rather waited for her bf outside the office!

Since she still had to wait for bf to pick her every night, she then to avoid going to the toilet. But if she really cannot stand it anymore and need to do business, she said she tried to quickly finish her business and practically always ran out of the toilet and hid at her workstation where she put the coin sword to protect her from those supernatural stuff.

Story 2

This was another colleague’s friend. She told me about this story because I told her about my ex colleague’s toilet tapping sound. She said “Huh!! tapping sound in the toilet again!!” and she told me that her friend also experienced something similar. But her friend worked in another office. That office was old and rumoured to be “dirty”. Same thing, her friend went to the toilet. Inside the toilet, she heard a tapping sound coming from the last cubicle which was next to her cubicle. According to my colleague, it is best to avoid going into the last cubicle in any toilets. Don’t know how true is that. Anyway, back to the story, the last cubicle already out of action for a long time. So definitely there was no one in that cubicle because it had become a little storing place for brooms, pails etc. But this girl also pretend to be brave, she dared asked “anyone there?” Of course nobody replied her. If somebody replied, I think she would surely have fainted. She finished her business and came out. Washed her hands and went out of the toilet casually. Very brave girl because she not afraid yet. But then…..the tapping sound….actually followed her!!!!!wah lau, then only she became afraid. At first she thought maybe old building would have some kind of sound, but how can that sound followed her out of the toilet until she reached her workstation??? Worse was, she started to hear as though there were many “people” talking.

The next day, she told her other colleagues. They said that maybe because she always stayed late in the office, alone, the “people” probably one fine night decided to invite her to join their party!! Wah lau, dunno to laugh or feel scared. Morale of the story, don’t be too hardworking and stay late in the office!

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