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Haunted Apartment
By: Anonymous Story Submission

This happened many years ago.

I already put this episode behind me and tried my best to forget it, sometimes when I think back i still get the shivers. When i read some ghost stories, i suddenly feel a chilly wind blow into my room.

Many years back i was staying alone, back then i was using iphone 3gs.
As u all know, when you leave the iphone there, after a while it will auto lock and show the unlock screen..

I remember it was an afternoon and the weather was bright and sunny, everything was as per normal. I went to take a bath and when i came out, from the distance of the kitchen to the living room, i saw the screen of the iphone switch pages(i had 3 pages of apps) and when i walked near it, it suddenly changed to the unlock screen.

I didn’t sense anything at first, i just thought OK maybe still buggy or the battery something wrong. I brushed it aside. Be reminded i was alone and also i had the password lock.

Many days later, my friend suddenly called me and ask what’s the matter. I told him it was him calling and ask me what’s up? He said he saw my miss call. I say i never la… Then he say okok nvm anyway.

I checked my call history, confirmed never call him. Then whatsapp message came in, he show me his call history and indeed there was a miss call from my number, wtf i thought, he kidding me is it.

I replied saying maybe my phone got problem paiseh. Days went by and i finally went to the singtel to ask about it they gave me the wtf look and thought i was trolling.

The problems started to get worse….

Fast forward to few weeks later.

I was messing with some stuff at home cause i was on leave and when i faced a problem with my campus login(i was studying Thai language at Thammasat uni at that time) i looked for my phone to call the school.

I tried to find my phone for 5 mins, totally cant find.. I was in a fairly small apt and in the end i called myself to see where the ringing tone came from.

When i heard the direction of the ring tone. My whole body the hair all stand and i froze.

The ring tone came from the storeroom.. And the problem is i already never enter the storeroom for some time(few months and only when i wanna come back Singapore i go in and take luggage) and to make it worse, the storeroom is locked with a number lock.

I didn’t know what to do honestly, first thing i did was to look around the house to see if got other people , for some reason maybe prank me.. And next i immediately on the lights in the house (afternoon i know) but the corridor was dark.

I quickly went into the storeroom with my back against the wall and the handphone was on the floor, in the middle of the storeroom.

F**king freaky.

I was really very scared, back then i was very religious i just keep chanting the om mani padmi hum.

I quickly took the phone and went downstairs and etc, called my friend and stuff without taking anything else..

After that my friend(there is exchange module where we can just go into certain classes and exchange language lessons) so i got quite many Thai friends and i called one of them immediately and he stayed quite near.

When he arrived he asked if i was OK because i looked very pale, i told him what happened and he suggested we go temple to pray and since we were at Tharapchan, we took a cab to Wat Hualumphong and also we donated coffin there.

My monk asked the temple counter if any Luang Phor was in today as we were here to ask for help and i was very glad my friend was there as my Thai was half past 6 only. When we met the Luang Phor, we wai him and paid respect and my friend told him what happened.

The monk took a deep look at me and said that i was being followed by a female spirit and the spirit is now outside at the temple gate and didn’t come in, the spirit didn’t know me but was the previous occupant of the apt i was in and died a wrongful death(sounds damn satki like Thai ghost movie i know) and wanted me to help her.

I dont know if this was true but the apt was let to me by a senior in the tu who graduated and left to rent a apt in Sathorn road as he found a job there and easier to commute. So if what he said is true, might be die very long ago.

I hear liao i dont know want to cry or laugh i thought this kind of things only happened in ghost movie or Hong Kong.. I didn’t speak good Thai and i keep the wai position and ask my friend to ask Luang Phor for help………….

The story is not spectacular as there isn’t 10 monks sitting in a row trying to purge any centipede or nails or fish hooks out of my body like gontao movie, he took the fabatt as thais call it..the bowl with water and a phra kring inside to bless holy water.

And lit a candle, then he told me to recite after him and he chanted slowly as i couldn’t speak Thai fast. The thing went on for like 10 mins or so.. Then he asked me to pour some sort of a water from a small container into a chalice then ask me use the water from chalice go water any tree in the compound.

After that he told my friend the girl wants stuff to be done , but my friend dint ask what , maybe is to burn things i dont want to know, i just told Luang Phor what can i do as i am here to take a break from work and here to experience Thai culture .. I am not ready for all these.

The Luang Phor seems very Chillax and laughed and told me not to worry and told me she is harmless and asked if i have been harmed so far by her? To which i replied no but any ah mao ah gao would not continue staying there. I asked Luang Phor if there is any way i could get the spirit out and he said no, her spirit is in the house and he muttered some stuff to my friend.

He then gave me a amulet then told me to wear it well. I wore it immediately and we wai again and left. I didn’t dare to return home and my friend said if i was really scared i could go bunk in with him but i went his house before and it was very crammed.

I didn’t know what to do, i was alone in a foreign place and such things happen. I told him accompany me back to pack things just in case i wanna make a run to the nearest hotel to stay should anything happened again.

During the taxi ride back i asked my friend what did Luang Phor tell him. He told me i need to be prepared if i wanna know, and of course i just told him to say everything as i was confused and also helpless. He said the Laung Phor said the spirit would not leave because there are some part of her still within the house, and i ask what there were, he said her bone fragments, but do not worry as the spirit is that of a small female child and not vengeance ghost.

I hear already i jitao damn sian. I do not grow up in a place with ghost in my house and i could not think how would the monk and my friend think it is even OK for me to go back. But i did anyway.. There wasn’t a plan b and i didn’t know what to do..

I went back home and my friend left after a while when i was more settled in. After my friend left, i spoke in Thai to tell the spirit that i am here only for a while, and my Thai chiu.. Dunno if she understand a not.

Things didn’t happen for another couple of weeks and i thought i made peace with the spirit..

Y i didn’t ask him send the ghost away ah.

First reason is cause i humji..i am there for few months only i dont want the monk to put up a fight and chase the spirit away and when i go other place the spirit follow quietly and wait till the monk cannot help me then come out chut pattern again.

Second reason i dunno if the monk jalan a not.. I dont want piss off the spirit because after all, she didn’t harm me.

Third reason, i dont want any trouble and i just hope she dont disturb me or dont make her presence known..

In fact after that my friend kaypoh go and tell the teacher and the teacher told me to think of the incident as a story and I’m supposed to tell the story in class to the rest of the students in Thai.. That was some struggle at that point of time but i did it anyway with a lot of laughter from the class (only less than 20 students, mostly Asian, quite a group of Taiwanese and Hongkie in that intake).

Few weeks later, i bought cashew nuts home to eat and as i reach home around evening i was very tired. I just throw the plastic bag with the cashew nuts in it then i went off to take a bath. By then i somehow got the incident behind me ..

The cashew nut is those big packet and inside it, there are many small individually wrapped packet. When i was back into the room. I got a shock again, the big packet has been torn apart and the individually small wrapped packet were thrown all over inside the room. My first reaction was “oh shiet happen again” i told off the spirit and said i dont want any trouble and cant help her and ended off saying pood Thai mai keng.

I didn’t sleep that night, my room lights remained on and i sat against the wall surf facebook in case i fell asleep. Soon later, i became more and more sensitive to those stuff like my hair suddenly stand and stuff.

I went to my Thai friend again and once again he brought me go another temple, this time further abit..wat pradoochimplee around Bangkok yai phasichareon area.

Those into pra krueng will know this is the temple of luang pu toh who made the famous pidta jumbo sorng, pidta tukata yai lek, pidta kanok kang, etc etc. We consulted the monk and again he gave me a amulet and did a blessing over me. This time, i somehow didn’t have as much faith when i left the temple. Faith in the sense that there was no guarantee of my being not disturbed. Afterall, i wasn’t harmed and all these small cheap thrills the spirit pull on me, the monk thinks its a mischievous and playful ghost and meant no harm?

Eh come on please, if u have a kid and a ghost want to play stunts on your kid, is it OK? Obviously not right. But well, to the monks it is alright.I need to get myself out of this, but i didn’t know how.
Further trips to more temple, i went Chinese temple, poh teck teng at yaowalad, i even went up north to korat region and all no help.

But somehow doing all these in months.. I somehow began to like Thai culture, Thai way of life and also their beliefs. It was when i relate my experience and somehow exchange their knowledge on how they viewed such things that i began to accept more the originally weird way of thinking.

As time passed i began to pity the spirit, this child might be here for 50 or 60 years i dont know and has remained there.. If the occupant was less sensitive to their realm and stayed there for 50 years, she didn’t have anyone to talk to or “play” with for that time.

Anyway, one day it was songkran and we went out as a group to sight see and also chill out, when i was walking home, there is this pushcart selling chicken sticks and i thought why not i just buy one stick for the girl (anyway i remind again, it is a small girl so please dont ask me piak her) and another stall beside was selling mango sticky rice and so i bought as well.

Both items for 60 baht, OK.

I went home and i didn’t do any kmt prayers or whatsoever .. I just left it there and told her it was songkran and the stuff were for her. That night was peaceful and ever since there, whenever i was in a good mood or there were festive season i bought stuff for her also.

Btw i dont buy yakult and toy cars and throw sweets around the corner of house as i was very clear i not keeping kmt. In fact i didn’t communicate with her or say anything as long as she dont disturb me.

Looking back at that , i finished my course at tu and went for one more short course at chula.. One day my friend suggested we go back to the temple and ask the Luang Phor if the girl was still following me.

When the luang phor saw me , he said “good man” i asked why , he said the girl looked happier now, and i asked is she still following me to the gate. To which he replied “no, she is with us now, behind u”.

My hair stood up again and my friend also lampar giu zui sat up very straight. Anyhow, i asked can luang phor ask what does the girl want, the Luang Phor just smiled and said she doesn’t need anything, she is just playful.

I didn’t ask further why was she there or what happened.. I wasn’t in the mood to play ???? and help her seek redress. I explained to Luang Phor what i did and he smiled and dee mak.

During the course of these few months, whenever something happen to my phone or weird stuff happening, of course i would be scared but somehow after a brief moment like watching TV or doing assignment, i would forget about it and soon after i was able to off lights and sleep..

A couple of examples more on what happened were, when i woke up, the toothbrush already displayed at the sink with toothpaste on it. I was thinking if i came in 10 seconds earlier, would i see the tooth brush and tooth paste in mid way like invisible man movie?
Another one which was more common was sometimes when i fell asleep, i could hear kids foot running around the house, but only one kid i’m sure cause u can tell if its a bunch of kids or what ..

Another one which is quite freaky is u know sometimes when people stand close to u , u can feel they are there, like behind u or in front of u when u close your eyes. There are so many times when i almost fell asleep but not asleep yet and i feel there is a face directly in front of my face looking at me, but never once i dared to open my eyes, i just pretend to fall asleep.

There are more occurrence during that time and i am unable to type out all the examples but its like having a invisible housemate who would appear when u are not in that area of the house or at that time.

Ultimately when i left the place to go to Chiangmai for some other purpose, i hired a few monks and came to do prayers in that apt on my last day there before i moved out.

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