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Haunted Amoy Quee Camp
By: Anonymous Story Submission

This story which I’m going to tell, is 100% true and factual.

When I was first enlisted into SAF, I went to Nee soon camp before transferring over to the new Tekong camp 1 & 2. My batch was considered as the pioneer batch. During my stints in Nee Soon camp and Tekong camps, I heard lots of ghost stories like the infamous stand by organs story (that everyone who had read this thread, already know), the white house of Nee Soon, the white lady combing her hair at the Soc low wall, etc, but I never saw it before………….until I went to the infamous Amoy Quee camp……..after being assigned to a combat unit there.

I will never forget the fact that the camp was deep into the estate, far away from any residential area and property. Beside the main camp gate, there was an abandoned building called old 20SA which was eventually to become the new HQ NCC building. Next to that building is an auditorium which is equally abandoned. Ladies and gentlemen, please take note of these two buildings as they will be critical to our storyline.

A month later in August, after we settled down, our officers told us that its our turn to do the camp guard duty next week as it was rotating between units. The night before we began our guard duty, our OC and CSM told all our company to gather after dinner as they had something to brief us. (We thought its something regarding guard duty procedure, standby, etc)

After we gathered, this was what our OC told us word for word:

“You guys know that this is the seventh month, right? And you all know what will come out at night, right?”

We remained silent as we thought our OC was joking but our CSM was sitting at a distant corner, unusually quiet along with all our sergeants. And our OC continued:

“Let me tell all of you something, you are bound to see them, those things……..the ghosts while patrolling.”

We burst out and cut him off.

“OC, you joke la.”

“Where got ghosts in this world?”

Our OC shouted “All of you shut up, I haven’t finished yet!”

We kept quiet immediately and he continued:

“Listen to me. Last year at this time, we received a report from the guard doing prowling (patrol) at 1am that they saw something around the area of old 20SA, we sent the duty officer there and he called back to tell us to burn joss sticks and offerings because he saw something.”

We immediately asked “So what he saw?”

” A white woman feeding her baby at the abandoned auditorium” He answered

We went crazy and started discussion. OC shouted again:

“Everyone shut up.” After we quiet down, he continued,

“That was not all. In the same month, we had another report. One of the regulars was calling his girlfriend at the phone booth there inside the auditorium. It was past midnight. And while he was talking, from the corner of his eye, he saw something moving at the stage of the auditorium. And initially he thought that it was a bat but the movement persisted. So, he looked at the stage, then shouted, drop the phone and ran away.”

“So, what did he see?” We asked with our failed singlish.

“A flying head with hairs covering its head?” OC answered.

At this point, we went bollocks and everyone started a crazy discussion with the guy next to him. Our OC quiet us down and brief us on the precaution of dealing with these ghosts if we happened to see them in this month.

I recalled this conversation clearly because I had never heard a OC talked like that in my entire NS!!!

Next, we did our guard duty, my platoon mates in other section, do first and for the first two weeks, there were nothing. Then in the middle of the ghost festival, one pair of prowler finally hit the jackpot, they saw something and when we asked them what they saw. They described that ghost to be an old man coughing at their side but they could not see him. We are puzzled because we thought it was supposed to be a female. (Later we would slowly come to the knowledge that they are all correct)

The next pair to see the paranormal was quiet and refused to tell us anything because one of them was so scared that his whole face turned white when he came back and he was different ever since that nasty experience. Anyway, we persisted and his partner gave in and told us. According to him, he mentioned that his partner (the guy whom face turned white) went missing as he was walking too fast in front and when he turned back to look for his partner, he spotted him staring at the parade square next to old 20SA with wide eyes and opened mouth. He, himself, saw nothing however but he knew what was going on. So he pulled his partner to safety and while he was doing that, his partner suddenly shouted:

“The Japanese soldiers are marching, the Japanese soldiers are marching!!!”

I was a bit skeptical at this story, in fact, I found it ridiculous at that time because I studied lots of science and believe in them. I never trust in silly superstitions and supernatural, considering them as hoax. However, I was a bit concerned…..because its my turn to prowl next week…………

To be honest, the account of how the person saw the “Japanese marching”, didn’t really convince me in the least at that time. I think its his partner merely created a tale out of thin air. Even my OC account of the previous guard experiences sounded more probable.

At that time, we had three companies Alpha, Bravo and Charlie and on one occasion, HQ wanted more men, so each company sent a few of us to HQ to form a new section. The new section comprises of twelve of us was an odd group, each had his own religious beliefs and we often ended quarreling about religious philosophy. It was this time, my buddy and my future best friend and the only atheist in my section at that time, talked about his unique aura of attracting ghosts.

First, he said that during his days back in the alpha company, he overheard a female singing deep into the night a couple of times. (I forgot the name of that song, sorry people) Initially, he thought the song was coming from a mini FM radio set but there was a problem, the song was coming from the right side of his bed and according to him, he was the last guy in his previous section, so there was no bed to his right side only the metal cupboard. Furthermore, the guy who was sleeping on top of him, did not hear the musics as well.

Next, he had done a guard duty before coming over to HQ, during the duty, he claimed that his partner encountered some paranormal activities (an old man talking to him). On the other hand, he saw nothing as he claimed that his aura would only affected his partner. (not him)

Our section was already ordered to do the guard duty next day and after the silly stories told by my buddy, no one was keen to pair up with him. As stated before, I was a skeptical guy at that time so to prove his words and existence of ghost, I volunteered to pair him up. I also told him to be mentally prepared as I had a history of bad luck…..

In our camp, the prowling for guard duty, have to cover at least twenty checkpoints and to prevent people from skipping anyone of them, the prowler had to sign at each checkpoint while writing down the time when they reached there. And checkpoint 19, is unfortunately located at the side gate next to the old 20SA abandoned building. To get there from checkpoint 18, most people took the short cut by building up the slope at the ammo dump before moving pass the auditorium as it only took two minutes of walk

When we arrived at the guardhouse, I paired up with my buddy and I chose the first shift between 7pm and 9pm so as to rest early after my second shift at 1am to 3am. To play safe, I had a Buddha pendant with me which my dad claimed to be super powerful during the last weekend. I wore it around my neck and I found the nylon string around it to be quite tough and not easily broken The first shift was quick and fast and we had discovered a partner during our prowling, its a trained army dog.We loved it as it was always following us even when we went climbing up the stairs or walking pass old 20sa. When we went into the toilet, it would simply wait outside for us to come out. So, we had decided to have the dog accompany us again in the second shift.

While waiting for our turn again, I had a small talk with guard commander in the guard house due to boredom. Since it was ghost festival, we decided to talk about ghosts. I told him what our OC told me and he shared me that his fellow sergeant experienced in his previous guard duty the week before. It went something like this:

While the guard commander was in charge of opening and closing the main gate with the sentry, an old man dressed in a singlet and short appeared at the gate demanding the commander to open the gate as he wanted to see his durian tree that was found inside the camp. Needless to say, the commander told him to GTFO. However at 3am that night, the prowlers called back to the guard house, telling the guard commanders that they spotted the old man walking towards the durian tree at sada hill. There was a problem however, they just couldn’t see the lower part of his body and his legs!!!! (As a result, the commander never told them to confront that old man)

When the story ended, I spent my rest time thinking about it. Soon, my time to prowl come, we moved out quickly as we were eager to come back and rest and we brought the dog along with us of course……….The whole prowling was pretty uneventful except that when we reached the MT line of the armour division, we got a brief scare by a crazy dog which bark loudly at us before running away. Soon, we finished signing at checkpoint 18 and moving on to checkpoint 19 at around 2.45am .

At that moment, I felt something terribly wrong, I also remembered the story of the old man that my commander told me and so I broke out in cold sweat. Next I made a big mistake by telling my buddy of my fear and wanted him not to take the short cut, so we took the big big u turn by walking up the sada hill and then go around the abandoned blocks and auditorium. When we reached the top of sada hill, man I regretted immediately because the road ahead of us was in total Darkness!!! While we spent the next 10 min walking in darkness towards the checkpoint, I noticed a few green light coming from one or two windows in the abandoned blocks. (I tried to reason that they were reflections of the moon LOL) I also noticed that the army dog was walking slower and slower for some reason and I found it odd since it never look tired before.

We reached the abandoned gate and checkpoint, there was when all hell broke loose. We suddenly heard someone crying loudly and when we turned around, its not a human!!! But our army dog!!! (I never knew that dog’s cries sounds so much like humans until that day!!!) And it was furiously digging at the concrete ground as if looking for its buried bone!! My partner was freaked out and he tried to “comfort the dog”. I turned around and saw nothing. Then I had a intuition of where that “thing” might be, so I refused to look in that direction, in fact, I tried to pretend nothing had happened and try to behave as normally as possible. When my buddy was signing, he discovered that his L torch was damaged when it worked just fine in checkpoint 18. At this time, I had a urge to touch my Buddha pendant and the moment I touched it, I discovered that it was broken and had I been not touched it, it would have dropped onto the ground and lost it. I put it into my pocket

After signing, we continued our journey to the last checkpoint and discovered our army dog to be missing and not by our side for the first time in our entire prowling journey. Since we can’t wait to escape from the area, we refused to look for it and continue walking. As we reached the old 20SA building, there was a sudden flash of light coming down from the sky, scaring the **** out of me and my partner as we jumped in fright. Its strange because there was no clouds in the sky at that time and no booming sound of the thunder and the light was bright enough to cover the entire sky. Just when I was wondering what the fark was the light all about, the bush besides me started to shake violently and something jumped out of it. And guess what? It was the bloody army dog. And if not for my partner pulling me back. I would have stabbed the dog to death at that instant for abandoning us.

When we got back to the guard house, our commander questioned why we failed to respond to his call with our comms since we were 15 minutes late. We told him that we received nothing and what happened causing us to be late. I even dare him to revisit that area that night if he didn’t believe he kept silent after that. We did not sleep for the entire night. We even questioned the prowlers after our shift and none encountered what we did.

And we never saw that dog again after that night, I often wandered what happened to it………….did it go back to that area again?

After that experience, I continue to investigate and a few questions continued to appear within my head.

1) What was the bright white light all about?

2) Why did the dog cry and dig at the ground when it could have run away? ( It eventually did run away)

3) Why did my the string pendant snap the moment I touched it given that it was made of nylon and nothing was pulling it?

4) The identity of the “ghost”

Subsequently, I was promoted and I became the guard 2IC and no longer, had to do prowling. I was solely in charge of the gate alone. And just when I thought that the answers to my investigation and all my questions could never be answered…

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