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Ang Mo Kio is Dirty
By: Anonymous Story Submission

I’d like to share my 2 cents worth here. Recently a friend of mine moved to AMK and stayed alone at this rented apartment at block 420. It seems like a nice place, but then again, after a few times of me and my friends sleeping over there, i prefer to think otherwise. What i have heard from previous owner and some neighbours is that the place is actually damn dirty. Heres some of my experiences.

It was like a saturday night ard a month plus ago, me and a few friends then decided to sleep over at this particular friend’s place at AMK. So we went there and just chilled and relax. Things were fine until 4a.m when everyone started to get tired and we decided to doze off. I was the first to sleep, since everyone else was still quite wide awake. Suddenly a friend of mine asked for one of the pillows i was sleeping on, so i woke up and passed it to him. And suddenly there was silence from all 7 of my friends. And i kept hearing this loud growling scratching sound at the door.(Thankfully it was close). All my friends immediately lied down on the floor and took the pillows and covered their face. I thought i was dreaming, so i didn’t really think much of it.

The next day when i woke up, everyone shared their part of the story and everyone said the same thing, just when i woke up, there was this loud and i really mean loud growling scratching noise just outside the door. Plus my friend woke up at ard 5 and saw something floating at the kitchen window peeking inside with red eyes. Coincidentally everyone said the same thing. It was quite a weird experience for all of us i guess. Further checks revealed that the area is said to be very dirty. Neighbours are weird too. Heard from the opposite neighbour not to smoke at the end staircase or even use it late at night alone as you would be accompanied by pontianak once you go up a few flight of stairs. Further checks revealed that the corner house 2 previous owners had committed suicide there. Plus several ppl have jumped off the staircase landing. Whats more surprising is that the previous house owner said that the house itself that we bunked in will occassionally have this black figure entering in and out, cos her ex husband used to involve himself with the black arts. Anyone have any stories abt AMK willing to share? I’m willing to hear it. – Anonymous ”

” Anyways, I’ve got some stories about Ang Mo Kio.

My maternal grandparents still live in ang mo kio, block ***. i forgot which block it was, but its like approximately 15 mins away from ang mo kio mrt station.  I can confirm that it is indeed a very old flat, they’ve been living there for decades, since my mother was in her teens. My grandfather is a very religious person who is also the imam of the local mosque ( anyone who lives at ang mo kio and goes to the mosque might know him). every week, us, the grandchildren would visit stay over for the weekend to read the Quran , or ‘ngaji’ as we call it. I was always looking forward to every weekend cos i could meet my cousins and we would hang out and play games, etc. but i also remembered hating the staying at the flat cos it was just durn creepy.

In fact, the whole block was creepy. my grandparents stayed at the second storey, which if you think about it, shouldn’t be so creepy. Because, I dunno, i have this insane theory that the first 4 floors of a flat are always the safest, because (a) they’re not so far up to be detached from the rest of the occupants and other happenings of the building, and that (b) that if something strange happens, you can always have a quick run down the stairs for escape! and also, (c). I’ve had strange encounters living at the highest storey of a flat at toa pah yoh when i was younger, and they were not pleasant experiences.

Anyhow, this particular flat which my grandparents lived was creepy because it not only did it looked old and empty, ( which is strange, cos this flat is pretty occupied from top to bottom) but there were these weird , giant trees in front of the flat which had giant tree branches, making them look even spookier at night. there’s this religious saying that when you are feeling vulnerable, satan would appear in front of you and try to take your life. My grandmother has this gift of the third eye however, being an old woman she is constantly sick and plagued by diseases. one time, while she was sitting in front of her door, she saw a pontianak sitting on one of the giant scary trees, persuading her to commit suicide. thank god, she resisted, and recited some prayers, but she told my mother that she felt compelled to actually commit suicide, which was really alarming. since then i refuse to look at the trees whenever im visiting, whether it be day or night!. my grandmother also knew of people who did black magic and kept toyols. There used to be such a case, whereby many occupants in the flat would report huge amounts of money being missing from their drawers or cupboards, and there would be ants all over the place. if i remember correctly, my grandmother was a victim of a toyol raid. she had this dream the night before of this weird man entering the house and searching for something valuable. he was going through all her cupboards and drawers, especially in her bedroom even though my grandmother told him to stop. when she woke up, she found her drawer being opened, and the money that she kept in there the night before had been stolen. in its place, was a bunch of ants.

ok, my personal encounters. I could never sleep easily at night at that flat. I had to sleep early or else, I could never sleep at all. and you know of those stupid marble rolling/falling sounds you hear at night, sometimes even sounds of furniture being dragged across the floor. well one night after playing an enjoyable game of monopoly with my cousins, we headed off to sleep. all of us girls slept at one corner of the lving room ( it was an old and crampy amk flat after all) and the boys slept at another corner.somehow, my other cousins had managed to to doze off to sleep leaving me to be the last person still not sleeping. as the time was ticking past 11o’clock i started to get paranoid and tried my darnedest to sleep but to no avail. it didnt help that i was sleeping near the kitchen which certainly heightened my fears with the possiblity of seeing a certain floating figure with red eyes( yes it has been spotted before by my uncle ) minutes later, i think i was starting to doze off when i heard the sound of marbles dropping.i freaked out instantly, but chanted my prayers and tried to ignore it, but then the sound became louder and this time i couldnt bare it any longer so i woke up and nudged my cousin next to me who was sleeping like a log. she was pissed and said “WHAT!” but then continued snoring a few seconds later. shortly after the marble sounds i could hear furniture being dragged really loudly, but it seems i was the only one who was hearing it cos everyone else was sleeping peacefully. the noise became louder and this time i was crying .i kept thinking that something was trying to scare me. thankfully my male cousin woke up and calmed me down, saying (unconvincingy) that it was just theneighbours upstairs making a racket, and that i should just stop worrying and try to get some sleep. he stayed up for a while sitting beside me as i tried to get some sleep. i could hear the dragging sound and asked him whether he could hear it . he said yes but didnt seem to notice anything strange about it. this time it was getting softer. and i think about 30 mins later, i managed to get some sleep.

But the living room wasnt the only part of the house that was creepy. the second bedroom had its share of creeps too. whenever me and my cousins were to sleep in that room, we were told not to stay up late, to sleep as further away from the windows as possible and to lock the windows as well. i always wondered why, however my cousin told me that, one time, she slept right near the window cos there wasnt any space for her to sleep and that spot was the coolest in the room. she couldnt sleep the whole night cos she could hear the voice of a lady singing at the corridor and that there were people walking outside the window whispering something. she also saw a pair of red eyes glaring down at her. it didnt help that when she did manage to fall alseep, she would have really bad nightmares.

But i guess my grandparents’ bedroom would have to be the most creepiest place in the house. even i would never dare to enter that room unless i have to use the toilet. My grandparents have encountered strange knocking on their windows, shadowy black figures sitting at the corner of their bed, and even the presence and existence of a certain ‘penunggu’ who lives in their room. once,my grandmother had shifted the bed to the window, and whenever she slept there, she would just feel very sick. she would go to the doctors but they couldnt find anything wrong with her. everyday she got worse, and my mother along with my aunts and uncles were getting worried. then one night she had a dream of this ‘thing’. she heard a voice telling her to move the bed to its original place, away from the corner, and everything would return to normal. it seemed that the penunggu had lived at that spot for many years( that means, decades! even before my grandparents moved to that god-forsaken flat!) and that its peace had been disrupted by the shift. my grandmother did as she was told and a few days later, she was healthy as a peach!even her doctors were astounded! and the bed hasnt been moved or shifted ever since..

Well i think thats all i can remember. there are more but at the moment those recollections mentioned above seem enough. all of which is why i think ang mo kio is one of the most haunted living places in singapore, and that my grandparents are truly courageous people! in fact, they are more frightened of crazy strange people than crazy, strange spirits. hmm.

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