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° He’s Got The ‘Third Eye’
° Singapore is the Worst Country to Own a Haunted House
° Places in Singapore with a dark past
° SBS Bus Ghost Caught On Camera
° Tales From The Crypt In Singapore
° 4-D Punters In Choa Chu Kang Cemetery
° Swiped By Mystery Tom Raider
° Fear factor
° Residents Call It ‘Cemetery road’
° Hungry Ghost Month
° Why The Singapore Flyer
° Ghost Wedding Lover
° Hungry Ghosts Wooing
° A Local Ghostbuster
° Visit Afterlife
° No Exorcism Performed
° Marsiling Dungeon
° S’pore Magician Teleports
° Ghost Story Competition
° Green Meteor
° Choa Chu Kang Cemetery
° Unusual Ceremony
° Bony Find Rattles Neighbours
° Skeleton Of Man Found
° Ghost Workers At Cemetery
° Fire-Walking Ritual
° Woman Sues Priests For Botched ‘Exorcism’
° Dead Baby Buried
° Coffin Next To His Bed
° Are Ghost Grounds For Divorce?
° Where The Unborns Are Laid To Rest
° Freak Accident
° Singapore Death Flats
° Sorry You’re Dead
° Mind Over Metal
° Urban Legends
° Ghostbuster
° Praying At Wrong Grave
° She Talks To ‘Aliens’
° They Went Together
° Japan Haunted House Ghosts Told To Keep Distance
° Spooky moment ‘ghost uses his old wheelchair’ at hospital in Thailand
° The mystery of screaming school girls in Malaysia
° Indonesia’s Haunted Offices Create Niche Industry In Exorcisms
° Rotting corpse discovered by two men exploring haunted hotel
° Indonesians quarantined in haunted house
° Ghost Stewardess Seen At Suvarnabhumi Air Crash
° The Himuro Mansion Haunting
° Don’t Fear The Forest
° Supernatural Survival Tips
° They See Ghosts
° Spirits In Malaysia Jungle
° Vampire’s Locks Grew At Museum
° Millionaire Businessman Flees Haunted Mansion
° Too Many Foreign Spirits In This School
° Chanting The Name Of The Lord For 44 Years
° Thailand Hell Garden
° A Courier Service Of Orissa That Runs On Faith
° Ghost Soldier On Duty In Indian Army
° 3 Young Men Beat Mother To Death In Exorcism Ritual
° Kashmir Shrine Attracts Devotees
° Bizarre Child Dropping Ritual Faces ban
° People Turn Into Ghosts To Appease Lord Shiva
° Widow Garlanded With Shoes For Praying At A Temple
° Boy Marries Dog For Health And Wealth
° The Weirdest Exam Superstitions
° Woman Sacrificed By Husband In Jharkhand
° Human Sacrifice
° Mass Trance Afflicts Indonesian Factory Workers
° Dead Man Comes Alive
° Sacrificing Women For Hidden Treasures
° A Million Sabarimala Gilgrims Witness Miracle Light
° Priest Commits Suicide, Promises To Return
° Hindu Gods Get Summons From Court
° Kids Pick Human Bones For A Living
° Indonesians Thrown Out Of Indian Temple
° Treating Ailments With Hot Iron Rods
° Chinese Death Bridge
° Sai Baba’s Moon Miracle Fails
° Mysteries Of Dilapidated Mansion
° Ghosts Haunt Howrah School
° Superstitious Doctors Kill Son To Make Another Smarter
° Superstitions Of Bollywood Stars
° Reporter Films China’s Own Loch Ness Monster
° Tokyo Has An Underground City
° Study In Graveyard For High Marks
° China Says Living Bhuddas Must Apply For Reincarnation
° Indian Ghost Chilli – World’s Hottest
° Master’s Degree In Magic
° Dead Malaysian Infant And Teen Married
° Ghost Fear Shuts Down School
° Mystery Room Discovered At China’s Terra Cotta Tomb
° Dogs Join Rituals At Bihar Temple
° Deity Has Disappeared
° Goddess Sacked For Visiting US
° Buried Aliens Are Really Tree Trunks
° Blood Sucking Therapy
° Dead Monk Walking
° Family Tries To Revive Son’s Corpse
° Woman Chops Off Tongue To Please Divine Deity
° Village Lights An Earthen Lamp For 17 Years
° Ghosts And Spirits Released From Banyan tree
° Malaysia Terminates Un-Islamic Vampire Exhibition
° Thai Ghost Buster Turns To Farming
° Cambodia’s Lost Tribe
° Missing Nepali Buddha Boy Reappears With Sword
° Evil Eye
° Mao Zedong Is The God Of China
° Sex Life Of Ghosts
° Mystical Tree Gets Police Protection
° A Blue Ghost Who Haunts $4bn Airport
° Mass Hysteria In Children After Snake Killed
° The Japanese Jesus Trail
° Photos Of Funeral Ground Stir Anger
° Toyol In The Bottle
° India’s Monster Eater Retires
° Henan Man Can’t Be Photographed
° Death Ray Being Tested
° Chicken Stolen By Ghost
° Preacher Believed Victoria Aas Possessed
° Indian MP Ghost
° Ghosts Of Penang Museum
° A Real Thai Ghost Story
° Remote Viewing By Monks
° Malaysia Ghostbuster
° Asia’s Most Haunted City
° Indonesia Black Magic
° The Sightings Of Bigfoot
° Sorcerers Murdered In Java
° The Cursed Tombs
° Villagers Blame Magic
° Grisly Sacrifices Found
° Baby Bigfoot Captured
° India’s Child Sacrifice
° Vietnam’s War Dead
° Spirits Of Dead Climbers
° Kills Children For Goddess
° Burma’s Carnival of Spirit Soul
° Shop For Your Funeral
° Bigfoot, Cyclops or Yeti?
° Rodents That “Came Back From the Dead”
° Chinese Police Probe Skulls Find
° Cockerel Spared After Crowing ‘Allah’
° Eclipse Prompts Meditation At Egypt’s Pyramids
° Indian ‘Witchcraft’ Family Killed
° Nepalese Buddha Boy ‘reappears’
° Crowd Kills Man For Hammering On Deity
° Vampires, Ghosts And Mermaids In Malacca
° Indonesian Witch Hunt
° Mourners Snap Photos Of Dead In Japan
° Ex-Imperial Japanese Army Soldier Found Alive
° Ghost Stories Haunting Thailand’s Tsunami Zones
° Nineteen Sorcerers Murdered In Java
° Carcass Of Unknown Animal Found
° Bigfoot
° KL Hospital Nurse Raped By Orang Minyak
° Missing Malaysian Teen Led Home By Granny’s Ghost!
° Girls Go Hysterical In School As If Possessed
° Surgeons Extract 100 Needles From Body
° Ghost-Buster Works His Magic
° The Mekong’s Mysterious Fireballs
° Mystery Of The Holes In Clothes
° Institute for Occult Studies in Pakistan
° Kitten Born To Dog
° Ghost Sightings At Malaysian NS camp
° Malaysian Villagers Claim Sighting Of UFO
° Indian Man Not Eaten For 68 Years
° A Spooky Tale And Icy Heroics
° ‘Betaal’ Casting Director Recalls Spooky Experience During Audition
° A Teacher Is Haunted By Specters Of ‘What If?’
° Five Scientific Explanations for Spooky Sensations
° I Want to Quarantine With a Ghost
° People stuck in haunted homes during quarantine report rise in ‘spooky’ happenings
° The Spooky Tale Of The A3 ‘Ghost Crash’ And A Mysterious Discovery
° 4 Haunted Places Near Houston To Explore After Dark
° Liam Payne Convinced His House Is Haunted
° Why Ghosts Can’t Go Through Wall
° Rumored Haunted House In Lafayette For Free
° Paranormal investigators explore haunts of spooky Middleburg mobile home
° Ghost Hunters Intrigued By Spirit At Bistro
° Ghosts, Aliens And Us
° South Lyon’s Ghost Hunters Search For Answers
° National Ghost
° Experts Unearth Srebrenica Bodies In Ghost Village
° Women Aren’t Afraid of Ghost
° Visits From The Deceased
° Ghost Stories Alive And Well In Opelika
° Is Your Office Haunted?
° Young Blond Woman’s Ghost Haunts Restaurant
° Voodoo Cursed Woman Is Jailed
° Taxi Drivers And Ghost
° Pilot Ordered To Shoot Down UFO
° Poltergeist Follows Teenager Home From Camping
° Man’s Claims To Raise The Dead Result In Fraud Conviction
° Webcam Set To Snare Beast Of Blairadam
° British Release Reports Of 10 years Of UFO Sightings
° Superstitious Town Bans Whistling
° The Most Horrific EVP Ever Recorded
° Reward Offered For Mysterious Monsters
° Ghost Girl Is Blamed For Crashes In Accident Blackspot
° Man Targeted By Aliens
° Man Believes Dead Wife Is Contacting Him On Mobile
° Creepy Gnome Terrorises Town
° Youth Kills Uncle To Gain Supernatural Powers
° Devils In The Detail Of Haunted House Sale
° Black Magician Failed To Kill Man On TV
° Police Blame Ghosts For Damage
° Man Kills Himself With Suicide Robot
° Ghostbuster Called In Because Of Zombie In Tunnels
° Airmen Made Sausages From Their Blood
° Asparagus Mystic Offers Tips For The Future
° Woman Tries To Bring Skeleton On Plane
° Cemetery Full, Mayor Tells Locals Not To Die
° Ancient Tribe Sacrificed Boys
° Energy Healer Can See Your Pain
° Bones Find Casts A Spell On Workers
° Wife Sees Dead Husband Begging
° Mirrors Reveal Codes In Da Vinci Art
° Visa God Fulfils Dollar Dreams
° Poland Opens First Exorcism Center
° Russian Sect Claims Choosen to Pray To Putin Icons
° Premonitions Of Death
° Pope’s Exorcist Squads Will Wage War On Satan
° Undies And Eggs Sorcerer Jailed
° Mankind Shortening Universe’s Life
° Texas Ghost Town Is Sold On eBay
° Mythical Roman Cave Unearthed
° Scattering Ashes At Disneyland
° Man Accuses Sorceress Over Pant Eggs
° Define Your Own Death?
° Hidden Music In Da Vinci’s Last Supper
° Aliens Caused Appliances In Sicily To Catch Fire
° Pumpkin Ban In Halloween Protest
° Buy A House And Get Refunded!
° Halloween Zombie Mistaken For Murder Victim
° It Is Third Ear, Not Third Eye
° Horror Novelist Suspected Of Cooking Girlfriend
° Scores Sick After Meteor Strike
° Monster Hunting From ome
° Mystery Boy In Iron Coffin
° Brain Surgery Leaves Boy Speaking Like Queen
° Dead Man Wakes Up Under Autopsy Knife
° Czech Rider Speaks English After Knocked Out
° Goat Sacrifice Fixes Aeroplane
° Homeowne Built His Own Tomb
° Vatican Air Passengers Holy Water Confiscated
° Is Ugly Beast Corpse A Goatsucker?
° Is Your House Haunted? Disclose It Or Face Liability Suit
° Principal Tried To Improve School By Black Magic
° Ultra Low Frequency Weapon Cause Bridge Collapse?
° Evil Seems To Befall Cab 666
° Man Finds Mummified Baby In Wall Of House
° Television Falls For Kerikeri Ghost
° Mystery Of Elderly Couple Deaths
° Man Beats Stray Peacock He Mistook For Vampire
° Abducted By Aliens And A Scar To Prove It
° Bank Tells Woman ‘You Are Dead’
° Be fraid: Sand Castles Can Kill
° A Horror Movie Come To Life
° Gravedigger Stole Body Parts To Make Ashtray Pipe
° Is Prince Philip An Island God?
° The Ghost Brides
° Spirit Of Dying Friend Appears In Photo
° Trip To The Centre Of The Earth
° 10 Weirdest Diseases
° Apparent Voice Of Dead Woman Heard On Audiotape
° Ghost Who Likes Cake And Tea
° How To Prepare For Alien Invasion
° Dover Demon Bewitches 30 Years On
° Ghost Ship Mystery Puzzles Rescuers
° Dreamed Up Phone Number Leads Man To A Bride
° The Ghostly Angel Of The Vatican
° Egyptians Head To France To Fetch Stolen Mummy Hairs
° Scientists Study Sacred Sounds
° Haunted 16th Century Castle For Sale At £55,000
° First Class Flight With Corpse
° Couple Marry In Graveyard
° Astrology Enthusiasts Seek To Set The Record Straight
° Towers Point to Ancient Sun Cult
° Mummified Baby Found In Storage Unit
° Unlucky Airline Logo Grounded
° Vanuatu Cargo Cult Marks 50 Years
° Mystery Light Seen Across Wales
° How The Moon Rules Your Life
° Mysterious Disappearances On Cruise Ships
° Saddam’s Ghost Spotted In Baghdad
° Mona Lisa Death Mystery Solved
° Devil Worship Fears As Goat Is Found In Ditch
° Sleep Paralysis Happens All The Time
° Napoleon’s Mysterious Death Unmasked
° 8 Craziest Cults
° Is The White House Haunted?
° Dracula Castle Put Up For Sale
° Ghosts Are All In Your Mind
° Calls To Pardon UK’s Last Witch
° 10 Strangest Inventions
° 10 Most Bizarre People On Earth
° Italian Beasts Of Satan Jailed
° Astrological Sign Linked With Car Accident Rates
° Why Death May No Longer Be A Fact Of Life
° Police Outbid Satan For Auctioned Skeleton
° Early Sketch Of Stonehenge Found
° Psychics Found Saddam
° Woman Dies Next To Own Grave
° Abducted By Aliens? Call For Compensation
° Top Medium Quits Saying, ‘I was deluded’
° Sheep Slaughtered In Satanic Ritual
° Hiring Of Psychic Taints Colombian Prosecutor’s Office
° Ancient Pet Cemeteries Had Treats For Afterlife
° Back To School For Ghost Lessons
° Priest Dies After Trying To Show How Jesus Walked On Water
° Phone Telepathy Proved True In Experiment
° Mercurial Dangers For Voodoo Followers
° Invincible Yogic Flyers
° Funeral Homes Sold Body Parts
° Haunted House For Sale
° Carved Stone Mystery
° Turning From Science To Psychics
° Haunted Holdings
° Witchdoctor Investigation In Torso case
° Can They Make You Invisible?
° The Geometry Of Earth
° Aliens Do Exist
° UK Open UFO Records
° Boy Who Lived Before
° Demon Tormented School
° Ghostly Syllabus For Degree
° Expect Damien 666
° Life After Death Exist
° One-Eyed Kitten Sold
° How Dreams Save Life
° Ghost Hunters Will Find
° Buddhas In River
° Mysterious Arctic Skull Find
° The Devil’s Music
° Paranormal During Pregnancy
° Goat-Sucker
° Haunted Grandfather Clock
° Ghost Ship In Barbados
° Yoda Helps Unlock Cathedral Mysteries
° Soldier Dreamt About Own Death
° Mysterious Plaques In St. Louis Raise Bizarre Theories
° Generator Predict Future
° Mysteries Of 911
° Psychic Judge Who Has Dwarf Friends Sacked
° British Police Witness Poltergeist in Pub
° UFO Crashes Into Sea
° Ghostly Syllabus For New Degree
° Ghosts ‘All In The Mind’
° Haunted Grandfather Clock
° Is Canal Being Used For Strange Rituals?
° Details Revealed About Huge Dinosaurs
° Eighty Year Old Woman Eats Stones for 70 Years
° New Twist Tn ‘Hobbit’ Human Story
° Demon-Tormented School Calms Down
° In Search of the Real Dracula
° Meaning of 666
° Mothers Expect Damien On 6/6/06
° Beast’s Real Mark Devalued To ‘616’
° A Date With Devil
° Strange Tale Of Petrified Corpse
° Ghost Helps Acquit Murder Suspect
° Sacrifices Found In Pyramid
° Another Date with Para-Science 06/06/06
° Paranormal Happenings During Pregnancy
° Mystery Of Stone Circle
° Russian Police Arrest Man Who Promised Resurrection
° Watermelon Ice?
° Handsets Get Taken To The Grave
° Sally Anne’s Mum Begs Police To Listen To Medium
° The Mysterious Coral Castle
° Lecture Makes Ghost Stories Real
° Convicted Nevada Slayer Says Ghost Made Him Kill
° Monsters From Beneath The Bermuda Triangle
° Woman With Perfect Memory Baffles Scientists
° Is This A Bleeding Miracle?
° Man Fails to Remember How 10-cm Nail Got in His Head
° Five Thousand Year Old Recording Caught On Pottery
° Alien Bases: The Mystery of the Moon
° Scientists Claim Life After Death Exist
° Debts Owed In Previous Life
° Hundreds Of Buddhas Found In River
° Big Baby
° Evidence of Children’s UFO
° First ‘Telecloning’ Experiment
° Mysterious Flashes Above Earth
° Mystery of Crop Circles Solved?
° Virgin Mary on Potato Chip
° KGB Ran Secret Laboratories
° Bombs Inside WTC on 9/11
° School Terrorised By Demons
° Ghostly Apparitions and Impending Structural Collapse
° “Alien” Embryo
° The Sharon Death Curse
° Man Took 40,000 Ecstasy Pills
° Guardsmen Sense Ghostly Presence
° Baby ‘Witches’ killed
° Haunted RAF Base
° Psychiatric Treatment Of Ghost Possession
° Auctioning Of Father’s Ghost On eBay
° Waiting To Be Healed
° Women Raped ‘Long Distance’
° Stones ‘Follow’ Woman
° Russian Scientist Invents Ghost Camera
° House Blown Away By Witchcraft
° Live Dinosaur Sighted
° Ghost Helps Firefighters
° The Mysterious Siberian Explosion
° Prof To Set Up Haunted House
° Mobile Phones Scare Off Ghost
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