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A Walk I Never Forget
By: Anonymous Story Submission

This happened when i was on the way back home from work. At that point of time, i was working at Boat Quay as a chat operator. So usually we knock off at 3am. My in law was staying at Tiong Bahru. Sometimes my hubby would fetch me from work and we would walk all the way to my in law place. As our normal routine just like when we were still dating, we like to travel by foot ( considering its not that tiring to walk to the destination) and talk about lots of things.

Narrow things down, we reach this 4 blocks where its just 4 story high or 5. Can’t clearly remember. Rumors said that the HDB wants to pull it down but now i see that its being made as a rental place where the HDB renovate the place up and rent it out to expats and all. Pretty costly but the place is a wow. But i don’t wanna live there even if i have lots of money to spare.

So before we reach Tiong Bahru Plaza, we will pass by this place. Few metres before we reach this block,( this happen before the HDB carried out the renovation to upgrade this vacant 4 story block. So its really run down and been years nobody actually live there) i popped a question to my hubby ” Isn’t it scary to look at this building? Its been vacant like years and I’m sure there’s like those things in there. alot!”.. Wile talking, my hubby eyes was fixed to the 3rd story of this building. I tap him gently and ask him what is he looking at.

He turned to me and ask me to look straight. ” Sorry sayang” , he suddenly said. ” Why are you apologizing to me ?” i ask. He then answered ” Thanks to me, now that thing is already at the bushes across the road. Just don’t look now. Just now, that pontianak was at the 3rd story looking at us. Thanks to me looking at her back, she knows that i spotted her and now she is walking the same line as us just that she’s across the road”.

I am someone who’s rather K-po. So i turn my head slowly and fix my eyes right at the bushes. True enough, there is no wind and nothing , across the road ( its just metres away. so near) the bushes is rustling and moving. It seems like someone or something is walking behind or in the bushes parallel with us, following us from the other side. I calm myself down and just walk straight.

I was praying hard that we would reach home fast but thanks to the shoes that im wearing, i have to go slow ( its a new shoe so yeah)..all of the sudden, my hubby grab my bag and hand, he pull me and we both ran. I was clueless at that time but in my mind i did have this thought, ” is that thing behind me?” chasing us and wanting to kill us?” .. me and my imagination .. always so over the hedge.

We finally reach a bus stop and sat down. Hubby said its safe. I dyingly need to sit down after that dash. Being impatience, i ask hubby to explain why the sudden dash. Hubby insisted that we reach home and talk about it. Back at my in law he explains

” I saw that thing from the 3rd story while you were talking just now. At first it didn’t saw me looking at it. Then that pontianak spotted me looking at her. So it was like too late for me to pretend that i never saw her at all.I thought that the pontianak would just stand and look but she suddenly came down and followed us from the other side. The reason i pulled u was she was about to show herself coz i saw the pontianak emerging from the bushes. Saw her white dress and hair already so i rather we ran than having u see her that close up”.

Since then , whenever i pass the building then and now, i never want to look at it. It just remind me of the incident. Even now, how good that place look, try walking past the building at night especially at the back of the building. Who knows what you may see or even meet..

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